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Re: Capability Study for Solder Printing Process

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 20:16:40 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Geesh, what a bunch of babies!!! I've got two alternatives for ya: 1 SMTA sells the SMI proceedings 2 Authors / authors' companies often provide copies of papers to interested folk

Re: Vacuum packaging

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 21:03:18 EDT 2000 | Dave F

David: Beyond the information on sealing components in the archives, look for information on protecting boards. Further, consider a dessicant cabinet, as an alternative. Sources are also in the archives. Good luck. Dave F

Wave IC, thief or robber pads use.

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 11:33:13 EST 2000 | Charlie

We are in the process of establishing a design for thief pad associated with SOIC on the bottom of our assemblies. We are seek advice on design and alternative to their use. Best Regards, Charlie

Line tech in need of help

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 08:34:50 EST 2001 | CAL

Sorry to turn this into a DEK forum.........but a valid alternative is a form fit from Airline hydraulics called Ovation Products. This unit is extrememly sensitive and will not damage components. Please contact Charles Moncavage 610-253-1730. I saw

Alternate to X-Ray

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 12:31:21 EDT 2001 | ashokdha

Gil For BGA Inspection, What are the other technologies available to us ( e.g. infrared ? ultrasound ? laser ? Mirrors ? ) Can you provide your perspective on that ? How safe and cost effective the X-Ray system is as compared to other methods of i

Posting press release

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 14:16:53 EST 2000 | NAMCo

When I click on the submit news button on the news page, it sends me to the registration page. I want to post a few press releases but you do not give an alternative method other than the one button on the news page. Help!

Reliable counting equipment for SMT components required

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 11:46:19 EST 2000 | Damian Oatway

Could anyone recommend any companies who manufacture counters for reeled components. Anyone who has any info on the accuracy and reliability of these systems and if there are any alternatives to the usual systems? Cheers.

Re: selective wave soldering unit

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 03:11:36 EST 1999 | Chris May

Pascal, Have a look at this Web site:- http://www.solbraze.ltd.uk e-mail = info@solbraze.ltd.uk I think you may find a suitable alternative here. You have a nice Christmas also. Regards, Chris May.

Re: Squeegee blades:TITANO

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 01:31:11 EST 1999 | James Bond

Dear Mr. Curtis, We have alternative solution for your problem, if epoxy paste is for bonding purpose. Please visit our Website to get more details as follows. http://www.squeegee.co.kr Best regards, J.B. Hyun


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 11:05:04 EST 1999 | Mike Konrad

You may want to consider Zestron's Vigon SC200 (703) 589-1198. Many of our customers use this chemical with great success. Another alternative is Hydrex from Petroferm (904) 261-8286. Good Luck, Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies Corporation

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