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Pick-up rate analyze at CP,IP fuji machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 14:03:09 EST 2007 | pima

Hello everybody!! I would like to know what kind of tool do you use to analize pick-up error rate at CP and IP fuji machines? Is it special kind of software or you use some customized solutions? Im thinking about writing some kind of database based

looking for laboratory that can analyze Laser diode internal damage

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 18 23:22:39 EDT 2018 | itzikbs

Hi SMTNET dear members, I wounder if someone knows a laboratory with FIB and TEM machines, which can analyze internal defect of small size laser diode. At US or EU. I'm looking for a laboratory with real experience who are experts in analyze to root

oxygen analyzer device zirox VS Delta F

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 14:45:40 EDT 2010 | bruna

Hello Does anyone can give feedback about this two analyzers (zirox and delta f 150)? In fact we are trying to understand which is better for wave soldering, benefits and prejudice. Does anyone work with both? Thanks

physical law of Dewetting

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 20:46:24 EST 2001 | ianchan

Thanks for the awareness, will look into my profile, and try analyze which type of dewetting r we actually encountering...

Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 14:28:42 EDT 2004 | Rush Fan

Although pretty much standard these days, if you are planning on using Nitrogen, look for an on-board oxygen analyzer.

Ionising Air Gun PM Procedures

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 21:06:06 EST 2004 | davef

Real world??? Justify tesing with charged plate analyzer less often.


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 09:52:31 EST 2020 | joeljacobo

I'm just analyzing everything you tell me, thanks for your advice Rob

O2 analyzer

Electronics Forum | Mon May 31 04:17:01 EDT 2010 | nizamjhr

Dear All , I have 1 unit of PBI-Dansensor , Model TIA-222 Oxygen Analyzer that have been sitting idle in my store room for quite some time. Now I want to setup this unit but I don't have any manual or wiring diagram for it. Anyone that have any exp

SMT Capacity Analyzes Spreadsheets (in format .xls)

Electronics Forum | Sat May 21 22:15:06 EDT 2011 | albertsampaio

Dear all, I'm looking for a new, complete and useful spreadsheet to perform some SMT capacity analyzes spreeadsheets. I have some samples, but I'm looking for the an improved, detailed and complete model. I'll really appreciate if you share some m

QFN welding problem by reflux oven 10 zones

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 11:00:13 EST 2020 | astarotf

hello Evtimov Thanks for your answer. I will analyze the curve with our pasta supplier to reconfirm if it is adequate. It would also be helpful if you could share the tin lead curve profile to analyze. The location of the QFN is assembled by the top

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