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Feeder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 07:26:57 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

On Panasonic equipment are the MPAV feeders compatible with the MPA-80/MPAG1?

solder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 08:23:07 EDT 2006 | molosse21

Hi everyone We plan to use on our smt line sac 305 and on our wave soldering sn100c. Will there be a compatibility problem if we do make touch up with sn100c on smt or touch up thru hole components with sac 305 ??? Thanks for taking time to reply

tester compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 05 07:51:51 EDT 2006 | Walleyes R' us

Is there an industry standard for compatability between multiple testers? For example, if an assembly fails on one tester, but passes on another? I realize that target is 100%, but with analog testers, this is not going to happen. Personally, I

Feeder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 11:03:31 EDT 2004 | fastek

Yes they are Claude as well as MPA-3's.

solder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 09:00:46 EDT 2006 | russ

Studies showed that there are no issues mixing SN100C and SAC305, I believe that AIM has this info. Russ

solder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 09:37:20 EDT 2006 | russ

So there you go Mo, just use these products and you can then mix your alloys! I am sorry that i forgot to mention this aspect! Russ

tester compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 05 23:04:51 EDT 2006 | davef

Lets be clear: * Capabilities of a test machine is defined by the equipment manufacturer. * Capabilities of test machine specific software is defined by the equipment manufacturer. * Coverage of the unique testhead is defined by the end-user that pur

solder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 09:07:46 EDT 2006 | eyryren

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Lead free compatibility

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 05 15:42:37 EST 2005 | les

Anyone with definitive reliability data on mixing thru hole lead free terminations (SAC and Sn/Cu) with Sn/Pb solder. Seems like a lot of conflicting information

Topaz/Topaz X feeder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 17:44:42 EST 2008 | wayne123

I am unfamiliar with the Topaz X and I am needing to know if they accept the same tape feeders as our Emerald and older Topaz. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks, Wayne

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