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Cleaning film build-up in a Stainless wash system....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 13:38:17 EST 2005 | mrclean

This build up is likely related to the defoamer. Defoamers are typically based on waxes and/or high molecular weight Hydrocarbons. As defoamers only need to work on the exposed fluid surface, not a lot of defoamer is needed (unless you are using

Foam in the wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 17:12:17 EDT 2007 | cman

Is the prewash water going to drain or being re-circulated? If you are re-circulating don't send all or a portion to drain (or your treatment system) even sending a small portion to drain and adding fresh will reduce foaming. You will pull more water

Evaporator for batch washer...

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 15:22:03 EST 2005 | Shean Dalton

Dear J. Dumont, If the 4512's defoaming package is not active in the distillation process, then you may be dealing with foaming, which is exagerated at boiling point. The 4512's defoaming package may not be carried over in sufficient quantity from

H-551 Aqueous Wash Electrovert question

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 09:29:12 EST 2003 | ehess

Bill, have you found the problem yet? We have been experiencing the same problem on our H-500C, and have found some clogging in the drain from build up caused by the de-foamer we use. Once cleared, the problem went away.

Re: Aqueous Technologies Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 11:38:04 EST 2000 | Dason C

Please advsie what kind of the solder paste which you are using and we have experience when using Alpha WS609 and found a lot of foaming. Beside, are you using the spray fluxer for your wave or not? If you have spray fluxer then you don't need to u

Cleaning film build-up in a Stainless wash system....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 07:01:25 EST 2005 | EHess

Run a water-soluble mask that foams in the wash. Use a de-foamer to contol that. One or the other, or both are causing a greasy build-up that is hard to get off in certain areas. I have a closed loop DI water system. Can I use some sort of deterg

Inline wash foam

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 09:40:49 EDT 2012 | austinpeterman

We just stepped into the inline wash world with a techical devices new clean galaxy plus. We are noticing a significant amount of foaming when washing our boards after selective solder. One theory is that the water soluble flux used is not being cu

Dish Washer for BGA Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 09 01:41:35 EDT 2004 | Mike Konrad

Although water soluble (OA) flux is technically the easiest flux to remove, it is also the most damaging type of flux if not removed. A dishwasher lacks the pressure and nozzle design to produce the very small water particle size required for thorou

Washing Screens - Foam Everywhere, Help!

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 15:38:45 EDT 2016 | jbreit

Hi All- I've got an old industrial dishwasher converted over to a screen wash. It's a closed system, one screen at a time. Total volume of about 10 gallons, no heater. RoHS solder. This thing is foaming up like a rabid animal. The screens go in

Inline Washers

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 13:50:55 EST 2003 | Matt Kehoe

We use an Aqueous Technologies Millennium III closed loop system. The footprint is no more than 12-13 feet. We wash water soluble solder paste residue with excellent results however, due to the nature of our solid solder deposit process, we are washi

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