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ekra e5 blades not dropping.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 15:28:29 EDT 2014 | dustin

After getting the last issue I had fixed through here. I thought I would try to see if there is a solution for another issue. I have and ekra e5 screen printer and it has a problem with the blades not dropping when they should. If I set up single dir

Transition Automation screen printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 13:29:03 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

Is anyone still making parts for these printers ?

DEK screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 11:40:18 EDT 2012 | dekhead

Not true... with manual screen load machines (LT / Horizon), you need to ascertain the correct position / measurement and can load to that position. Auto load machines there is a "custom screen" setting which is used to tell machine the position ("Di

Transition Automation screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 11:34:47 EDT 2007 | clampron

http://ateksystems.com/ This is the company that bought the rights to manufacture these printers so he might be able to get parts. Harvey Bower is the contact. Good Luck Chris

DEK screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 09:20:05 EDT 2012 | georgert

When possible we put 2 images on a stencil to save money and storage space. I was told the DEK can not use offset images, Is this true?

DEK screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 09:58:24 EDT 2012 | stivais

Probably depends on the model. We have DEK Horizon and we sometimes place 2 images on the same sheet (in the Y dimension. It's not possible for the X dimension). Just make sure that there's enough space for a paste roll and squeegees between the imag

screen printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 14:04:49 EDT 2015 | capse

Juki GL-1.... Any thoughts? I'm New to the > industry and I'm trying to buy a new screen > printer. I have two in mind, DEK and Juki. Up front qualifier, I'm the EKRA Rep for the southeastern US. I have been involved with stencil printers for abo

screen printer comparision

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 20 10:37:27 EDT 2004 | rob_thomas

Debi, Both machines are good and will do a great job for you on Rigid as well flex circuits.Every Mfr.will come to your site and give you a piece of equipment on loan to try for a month hoping you'll buy from them.Why don't you arrange that little ex

Problem with Ekra E5 screen printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 03:49:26 EDT 2018 | seri09

Hi.i'm working with a screen printer EKRA E5 from 2001 and i have a problem with it. When i start the machine,the control option gets activated by itself and the CPU usage spikes to 100%. The machine works fine,but the problem is that i cannot turn o

Problem with Ekra E5 screen printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 03:59:10 EDT 2018 | oxygensmd

I had similar problem before. I cleaned the PCs (both machine and station) and replaced the cooling paste on the CPU cooler. After time the Control was able to shut off - before the issue solved, we used the safety knob to cut the Control.

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