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Grid-Lok Leaking

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 12:28:00 EDT 2016 | cyber_wolf

Like maybe the two supply lines to the module are flip flopped. Ive seen this cause issues.

Impedance/Length Matching Tracks in PCB Layout

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 02:20:58 EDT 2015 | nick_arsi

Dear All, Kindly guide me which criteria should follow to do length and impedance matching in PCB layout? Right now I have a design with different type of flip flops, Do I have to length match of data pins of Flip Flops or just rout them as normal si

Re: Vibration Analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 12:07:47 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| Dear All, | How does one determine the natural frequency of a pc board. | Put it on a variable frequency shake table and shake it until it starts flopping back and forth like a tail on a six month old puppy. TTYL Dave F


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 08:15:38 EST 2013 | cyber_wolf

Is the amp for the fiber optic working ? Even if it is changing state at the amplifier, sometimes they are not sending a signal to the I/O. That's where I would start. You can flip flop it with one of the other ones that you know are working. Make s

Component sticks to cover tape

Electronics Forum | Fri May 20 09:13:58 EDT 2011 | ck_the_flip

We have issues with the Philipps Luxeon Rebel LED where the part sticks to the cover tape during advancement. This causes the part to get flopped around in the pocket or the component gets dropped and damaged when the feeder advances. Has anyone ex

Equipment to measure stencil tension

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 08:51:26 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

I also never heard of that. Even if you measured the stencil tension what would be the spec be and how would that even relate to quality. Other than the stencil just flopping around I doubt that minor changes in screen tension are going to change any

Pneumatic Feeders - how to control them

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 27 15:58:01 EDT 2011 | ck_the_flip

We use exclusively pneumatic feeders and can NOT control the force or speed of advancement. We get a lot of components (mostly LED-type packages) that tend to flop around in the pocket a lot and are flipped on the side or “thrown” by the feeder duri

no contact on BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 20:40:36 EDT 2001 | davef

Your profile seems reasonable, as you say. As CPI says: Sure it could be planiarity issues with the balls, but that is not something that makes me want to do a Pete Rose belly-flop, head-first slide into first base that this is the source of your p

Missing componentafter chip placer.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 08:47:45 EDT 2001 | Hussman

Board support will almost always cause the part to be miss-mounted. The bouncing affect of the board can cause the part to bouce off the board. BUT, you never stated where the ends up or anything like that. Is the part on the board but just floppi

Baking components at 70 degree

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 10:23:12 EST 2007 | slthomas

You could have said "why don't you just flop 'em over twice into the right tray?" lol. Yeah, that's the right way. I was kind of focused on what I had to do here to get two different parts from full trays into two cut-in-half-the-long-way trays sinc

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