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minimum thickness - Gold flash finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 14:20:46 EDT 2012 | blnorman

From what I was told, gold flash normally refers to 10 microinches of gold.

minimum thickness - Gold flash finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 10:35:37 EDT 2012 | davef

Flash gold is just thin electrolytic gold plating over electroless nickel or electrolytic nickel. Flash gold plating ... * Less than 3 microinch thick will be porous and take solder poorly * Greater than 10 microinch thick will cause brittle solder c

minimum thickness - Gold flash finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 10:05:35 EDT 2012 | guyramsey

What is the state of the art in electroplated gold flash a a surface finish; thickness and tolerance limits?

minimum thickness - Gold flash finish

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 10:07:46 EDT 2012 | eezday

The answer, as stated above, is 3 microinch's however, it is equaly important, if not more important, to understand that the only function of the gold is to protect the surfaces beneath it. Only enough gold to cover the nickel beneath it should be u

gold wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 28 16:03:53 EST 2005 | Chris

I have lots of experience with thermosonic gold ball bonding. You can read the literature and you will probably find some papers that say you can do it. I have never been able to do it. We gold ball bond all day long with little problems at all bu

Electroless Nickel without gold immersion

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 18:15:02 EDT 2002 | davef

Haaaaa!!!! Soldering to plastic!!!! An apt analogy!!! I like to compare it to soldering to dirt. Some thing. In fact, you are soldering on nickel, when soldering on many things. It�s just that the gold, er Pd, flash enables the wetting mechanism

Gold Flash with QFN28 problem

Electronics Forum | Dan |

Thu Mar 30 08:58:20 EST 2006

Gold Surface Finish on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 08:18:29 EST 2005 | grantp

Hi, We have recently moved to flash gold as well, as we had solderability issues with emerson gold, and this was supposed to be a solution. However I did not know flash gold would be thicker, and could have other issues. Is flash gold a stable boar

SMT fine picth connector lead oxidize-Throw out rate too high!

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 14:03:18 EDT 2013 | horchak

If you are a CEM you are setting yourself up for failure and will be left holding the bag. Flash gold has one purpose. It is a protective coating for the base medal to keep it from oxidizing. It is very thin and will be absorbed into the solder joint

ENIG vs Flash Gold

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 18:07:25 EST 2006 | Chris

Flash gold is just thin gold plating over electroless nickel or electrolytic nickel. Flash gold is electrolytic gold where the panel is connected to a plating rectifier and current causes the plating process to occur. Gold thickness is controlled b

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