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profile vitronics 500s for lead free solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 07:44:19 EDT 2012 | cuervo

Hello ! I have a vitronics 500s ( five zones), and the solder paste is ALPHA OM-338-PT lead free. have anyone a profile to start and test, i need some reference temperatures.and conveyor speed thanks !!!

profile vitronics 500s for lead free solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 07:41:57 EDT 2012 | aj

try 180 180 195 248 260 belt speed 20 ( lightly populated boards) adjust speed to 18 for heavily populated.

profile vitronics 500s for lead free solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 20:02:37 EDT 2012 | hegemon

Lead Free in 5 zones is tough sledding. Start with your manufacturers solder reflow profile and calculate your belt speed by looking at the recommended heating time for the solder paste vs. the length of your heated zones. Set your belt speed so tha

lead free solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 09:58:30 EDT 1998 | Jacqueline Coia

Could you tell me please when the lead free solder regulation will become mandatory in Europe and also what are the current industrial alternatives for paste, bar and wire. Cheers, Jack

lead free no-clean printing paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 13:01:07 EDT 2000 | qsheng

What is the difference of formulation No-Clean Sn63 with No-Clean lead free paste? Is there techniocal data in detail for performance property of No-Clean lead free paste (for example, viscosity, solderability, tack, print life, reflow profile)? Is

Lead free solder paste selection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 17:35:30 EDT 2004 | Sofia

Hi Everyone, I am just curious, is there a guidline that people follow for choosing their lead-free solder paste? In other words, how do people know whether they should use Indium alloy, or Castin (Sn/Ag/Cu), or whatever else? Thanks

Lead free solder paste selection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 17:05:26 EDT 2004 | blnorman

Depends on your specific application. Can you handle lower reflow temps? Can your parts handle higher reflow temps? What environment will your assembled product have to endure? Lot of different factors come in to play when choosing the right allo

lead free solder dross recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 11:33:15 EDT 2011 | caerleon

easier if you recycled on-site? You can still send off for reclaimation the oxide powder that your left at the end of the process. Failing that talk to your supplier to see if they have arrangements to do this for you or look at reducing dross - i f

lead free solder dross recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 20:04:06 EDT 2011 | warwolf

yeah I’ve tried to go down the road of internal recycling but the company carnt justify spending 20k on a machine that does it. Ah but where still onto it in other places though our SMT department has very minimal wastage on solder paste as we have b

Diff between 2 lead free solder pastes

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 19:46:34 EDT 2009 | padawanlinuxero

Guys I have a question since the ever present problem with the crack switch we had to change to a low temp lead free solder paste in these case eutectic 58Bi/42Sn and 57Bi/42Sn/1Ag alloys, now the main question whats diferent between these one and th

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