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Trying to locate surplus injection material SE1X-71944

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 10:21:15 EDT 2017 | sumote

I know this may be a long-shot, but I can really use the reach this forum has. I am looking for an injection molding material called Noryl. The specific compound is SE1X-71944. If you have any of this available, or know someone that does, please repl

High Volume BGA re-balling

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 10:30:33 EDT 2004 | steve

What state are you located in? Will supply local contact for you based on your location.

"Search SMTnet" Only Searches "Forum"

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 20:49:24 EST 2003 | davef

One of the improvements in a recent site upgrade made the "Forum" the default location to "Search SMTnet". It appears that: * "Forum" is the default location for conducting searches. * Searches from other locations [ie, "Full Site", "Companies", "Ne

AOI inspection of DNI locations

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 10:57:25 EST 2015 | sfeinsp

In this case I do frame for empty locations, and machine show me if someone install part on DNI location

Fudical, where, size, etc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 08:57:34 EST 2005 | russ

Don't have any graphics but they are relatively simple. 1. They do need to be put into the copper. 2. We usually use a 1mm circle but many other shapes and sizes are useable but I know that all machine will take a circle. 3. Maintain a keepout area

Siemens ( Siplace ) BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 13:37:10 EST 1999 | JAX

I have recently started programming Siemens equipment (Monday) and am a little confused on some issues. When inspecting BGA packages does the machine locate a corner ball and use it as an anchor to locate the rest? If not how does it know that it has

Wrong Part

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 30 17:51:32 EST 2002 | davef

There is three ways to make sure that the component you are about to place is on the correct feeder: 1 Check for the proper component and for the proper feeder location. 2 Check for the proper component and for the proper feeder location. 3 Check for

BGA location

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 12:50:01 EST 2003 | rdr

Does anyone know of any standards that deal with the physical location of BGAs on a PCBA? I am looking for something that states to not put BGAs in the center Axis of assemblies for bow and twist reasons. We have always informed customers to locate

MyData A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 13:38:56 EDT 2012 | upguy

Thanks for the information and insights. Our booster is probably getting too hot, even with AC. There is bouncing when we trim component locations. Every so often, while trimming component locations, the x-axis will start to slowly move away (by i

AOI inspection of DNI locations

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 15:28:53 EST 2015 | jpal

Do any of you use your AOI machines to inspect do-not-install locations? Do you look for solder bridges or stray parts in those spots? Everything I have learned and heard involves part placement and solder quality. But is it worth going that extra le

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