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chimall 350A PCB Inverter

chimall 350A PCB Inverter

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Equipment

Apply The PCB Inverter is used for inverting the PCBs to process the board at both sides without manaul handling. Features 1. PLC Control system. 2. FUJI button or touch screen control, easily operation. 3. By pass mode selectable. 4. Width


Simplimatic Automation Complete Set, Destack-Flip-Res

Simplimatic Automation Complete Set, Destack-Flip-Res

Used SMT Equipment | Labeling Systems

This a complete Set / System of destack, invert (flip), then Restack PCB Boards. Simplimatic Automation Cimtrak PCB Destacker Model: 3231 Simplimatic Automation Cimtrak PCB Inverter Model: 3050 Simplmatic Automation Cimtrak PCB Stacker Model: 3232

4 Tech Electronics Inc.

ASYS Asys WS01 (2000)

ASYS Asys WS01 (2000)

Used SMT Equipment | Conveyors

Asys WS01 (2000) PCB Inverter Available ex works El Paso, TX All machines and parts Have a 30 day warranty!

Tekmart International Inc.

RPS Selective Solder Opus 3

RPS Selective Solder Opus 3

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering Equipment/Fluxes

The Opus 3 is a four-axis Cartesian Robot designed specifically for selectively soldering through-hole and odd-form components into surface-mount and mixed-technology printed circuit boards from the bottom side without inverting the PCB. The Opus 3 w

Petlock Incorporated

Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven ES series

Global Active Lead Free Reflow Oven ES series

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

E Reflow with mesh belt and pin chain full convection oven In an ideal profile, preheat temperatures are maintained long enough to permit activation of fluxes, while exposure of the components to higher reflow temperatures is kept to a minimum. T

Xtreme Marketing LLP

Asymtek C-740

Asymtek C-740

Used SMT Equipment | Coating and Encapsulation

Asymtek C-740 Century Series Conformal Coating System The Century® C-740 Series Selective Conformal Coating system provides consistent, uniform dispensing of a variety of conformal coating materials for inline coating applications. The system v

Recon Inc


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Precision PCB Services, Inc
Precision PCB Services, Inc

Products, services, training, and consulting for the assembly, rework & repair of electronic assemblies. BGA process experts. Manufacturers Rep & Sole Agent in North America for Shuttle Star BGA Rework Stations.

Training Provider / Manufacturer's Representative / Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions / Consultant / Service Provider

1750 Mitchell Ave.
Oroville, CA United Arab Emirates

Phone: (888) 406-2830

High Precision Fluid Dispensers
Blackfox IPC Training & Certification

High Throughput Reflow Oven
Best SMT Reflow Oven

High Resolution Fast Speed Industrial Cameras.
Electronics Equipment Consignment

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11

Orion Hungary - variety of EMS for clients preferring quality and on-time delivery