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PCB profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 16 10:33:58 EST 2015 | rgduval

Drilling a hole, and attaching the thermocouples underneath the part is the recommended way to profile for a BGA, unfortunately. It allows the best method of collecting specific data, including any thermal sinking/shadowing that the BGA creates. Ho

IR oven profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 15:35:36 EDT 2003 | kictech

How are you attaching your thermocouples? When using HT solder, the solder/TC surface of the joint can be reflective. This condition coupled with the IR can give you false temperature data since some of the heat is reflected away from the TC. Le

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 16:41:58 EDT 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi, All seem good answers and food for thought. Additions you probably know. Flux Supplier Application Notes/Data Sheet. Many of them have run experiments to tell you what works for their flux on various machines. They might even give you optio

Reflow profiling Units

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 10:31:14 EDT 2006 | CL

Hello Brad, We are running the Slim Kic 2000. We have found the predictions to be fairly accurate as long as the suggested change is within 20 degrees of the original recipie. As a test I ran a board with the wrong profile. The predictions got me wi

Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 09:54:41 EDT 2008 | slthomas

+1 on what robgd3 said. It's basically the same process. The bummer is that you only have three thermocouples to give you the information you need, so placement (and attachment) is more critical. You also don't have the predictative capability of

Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 09:11:19 EDT 2008 | rgduval

Shane, We're assuming that the software is similar to our Heller 1800. We're also assuming that the oven has thermocouple ports, and that you have the thermocouples to plug into them. From the screen that displays the zone data, there should be a

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 16:26:24 EST 2006 | samir

Grant, Newer lead-free fluxes have 6%-10% solids content - more activator, therefore leave more "visible" residues. Old technology tin-lead fluxes got down to as low as around the 4%-6% range (I'm going off memory, so me might be wrong)... You'll

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 11:21:25 EDT 2004 | Frank

WOW... Hi Dave and everybody. I'm very surprise that this thread is still alive. From all your comments and your good tips, I was able to confirm that my current profil is good. Concerning the small problem of soldering I still have, I've decided

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 09:44:34 EDT 2004 | Vince Whipple

Frank, Your initial question about temperature profiling is a critical point to a good wave solder process. Especially if you have a No Clean flux. As recommended by many in the thread above, get the Process Data Sheet for your flux (this is not the

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 10:10:22 EST 2016 | tombstonesmt

I believe it's time to upgrade. We use Data Paq. Had it for YEARS! Easy to setup; has all the features you need without all the bells and whistles of Kic.

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