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Filemaker Pro Data collection for inspection and shop progress

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 03 17:43:31 EST 2009 | proy

Hi Wondering if anyone here is/are filemaker Pro users? I am writing a simple data collection program in Filemaker for pre-solder, pre-test inspection to replace paper sheets. Together with wireless touchscreen tablets I think this is going to be

Repair of Europlacer Progress 6

Electronics Forum | Wed May 15 05:31:26 EDT 2013 | mhkhan_hal

Pick & Place machine,Europlacer Progress-6 is under breakdown. The machine is not showing any error message on the screen. We found that vacuum is getting generated in the machine, but it is not available at Nozzle holder. Kindly advise how to resol

EKRA E-1 "Referencing in progress" too long.

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 14 14:33:07 EST 2018 | pharasyn

We have an EKRA E-1 screen printer that operate with no problems for several months, then all of a sudden it will spend hours or days on the "referencing in progress" message. It's currently been stuck on this message for about 30 hours. Any ideas wh

EKRA E1 "Referencing in progress" too long

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 07:21:20 EDT 2021 | korrapat905

Hi friend I have one EKRA-E1 down cause by show "Referencing progress" too long. Who can advise me to check and trouble shooting. Thank, KP

Lee H. Goldberg OnBoard Forum is now in Progress!

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 14:35:01 EDT 2000 | Bill Schreiber

Click on the "OnBoard Forums" button at top of page.

Universal Advantis zeroing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 16:42:29 EST 2023 | dilogic

We have odd problem with zeroing of UIC Advantis (4982B). It performs axis zeroing without complaining (all axes enabled at the end), but after final move of the head to the center of the machine, it hangs without any error message. Status isshowing

Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 17 01:30:18 EDT 2012 | bwjm

Hi, Recently i am faced with a challenge. How can a small manufacturing firm be able to have good production management (e.g. WIP tracking, progress of PCBA) without having sufficient cash to purchase sophisticated software? Excel do help in tracking

Problem with solder joints in wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 18:21:54 EST 2014 | vwhipple

A little confusion here. Are you running several boards in one pallet and the last boards are looking poor or is the issue getting worse as the day progresses (like as the pallets get warm)? - If it is the last boards in the pallet, then you may wan

Q on Yamaha P-tools

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 20:22:20 EDT 2022 | kumarb

then would crash everytime. Not to give up, started to experiment with the markers inside the vios text file. The hack was to remove the MARK fields inside the file. After this, saw the component layout in the GUI PCB view with proper references. S

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 16:56:36 EST 2001 | davef

There has been substantial amount of FEA done on predicting BGA ball reliability, but this has most often been applied to assessing the reliability of the design of products, rather than the effects of rework. This sounds like an interesting proje

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