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maintenance cost for siplace hs50

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 18 14:46:11 EST 2001 | CAL

Some key data is needed 1) how often does the HS 50 machines run? 24/7? 2)How many placements are being performed? I know for a fact Siemens Siplace S/F platforms require weekly preventative maintenance. Knowing the sophistication of the HS platform


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 22:26:49 EDT 2008 | haiping

siemens s20 siemens hs50

Siemens Hs50 Y axis cannot find zero pulse

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 05:03:56 EDT 2017 | ariss_t

hi.. try offset the gantry home point.. if cant then.. phewww...

Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 16:31:07 EST 2000 | Chris Jackson

I am evaluating several pieces of Siemens equipment and would like to get some input from industry users. I am seeing that Siemens is able to meet cycle time estimates and thus throughput. I am concerned about the robustness?? Any input is welcome. T

Chipmounter Placement Speed

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 21:30:24 EDT 2004 | peter016

I would like to know what are the achievable chip placement per hour for the following chipmounter models. 1. Siemens HS50 (Spec at 50,000 chips per hour) 2. Siemens Siplace S20 3. Fuji CP 642 4. Sanyo TCM1050 5. Universal HSP4975(re-badge of TCM3000

Placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 11:07:43 EST 2001 | cjrjmj

I am looking for some assistance with placement accuracy studies for chipshooters(Fuji CP4-Cp642) and platform machines (GSM all configurations, Siemens HS50/S25). I would like some information on companies and recommendations on process of evaluatin

Siemens Hs50 Y axis cannot find zero pulse

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 20:43:59 EST 2017 | youngbuck

Does anyone know if there is a way around replacing the entire y axis tape measure scale for one scratch in it ,it can't read.Ive changed reader, y axis servo cards, taxis reader card.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 19:00:52 EST 2000 | Christopher Noonan

When the are up and running they are hard to beat, but when they go down they go down hard. Keep field service close. Don't get me wrong they're great machines and the company I used to work for had some of the first machines available. I come fro

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 23:12:09 EST 2000 | Brad

Chris, Have you considered Fuji? The robustness of Fuji is proven. I have recently done floor space analysis and cost per placement/sqr foot studies. I have also performed ROI studies on these machines. The new CP7 machine from Fuji outperforms th

Need Help With Selecting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 00:06:44 EDT 2006 | saiwong

Fuji GP 641 is really a bad choice. Bulky, heavy, accuracy is bad. At the price that you purchased, why don't you get the Dek infinity, Horizon or even a MPM UP 2000 HiE. You paid sky high price of this printer. The market value no more than $2k. At

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