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Average consumption soldering paste per sqm?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 11 11:57:37 EST 2017 | parto

Dear experts, I'm looking for answers of my following questions: 1. What average consumption of soldering paste in SMD per square meter? 2. What average consumption of soldering bar in THD per square meter? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Reza

Hi anyone have recommended pcb manufacturer?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 07:28:33 EDT 2016 | allan10

Hello ,maybe you can choose PCBGOGO.specialize in Quick turn PCB services ,PCB fabrication and assembly low cost but high quality, $10= 10 pcs of 2-layer PCBs, only 2-3 days for fabrication.The quickest lead time PCBGOGO can do is 12 hours. delivery

Average consumption soldering paste per sqm?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 13:01:08 EDT 2017 | emeto

Very interesting, how you can answer that with that many details that you gave us. Here are some preliminary questions, before anybody can give you any answer: Pb or Pb-free? 3mil stencil or 8mil stencil? How many shifts? Quantity will depend also o

Average consumption soldering paste per sqm?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 17:25:54 EDT 2017 | parto

Dear Evtimov, Hi, many thanks for your decent answer. I utterly agree with you that if I would like to have an accurate answer I had to give you more details as you mentioned in your reply.However, I thought that under certain circumstances any prod

Which kind of supplier should I choose for pcb fabrication?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 05:07:51 EDT 2017 | heros_electronics

Hi Claire, Is it a 4G smart phone? Generally, 4G pcb board is HDI pcb with laser drilling and small line width and space, and not all PCB suppliers can manufacture because HDI PCB has special requirements for equiment, and small factory can not


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