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BGA rework station

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 15:29:30 EDT 2001 | steven

When Air-Vac introduced an IR system at a show in San Jose, people though it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. For obvious reasons they discontinued the short life of the IR systems and implemented hot air into their rework stations. Sales

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 07:34:57 EDT 2001 | steven

what is the main reasons that casuing solder ball during reflow? and how to remove them? (mostly arround the connector leads or between the 2 0402 chips). solder paste is RMA type. need advise. thanks

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 19:36:09 EDT 2001 | steven

I hv no choice as per customer's request to remove the solder balls. Can i just use water to clean away the solder balls since i'm using RMA solder paste and not the water soluable paste?

BGA placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 09:17:15 EDT 2001 | steven

if do not have x-ray inspection machine, how to verify the 1st board out from the smt placer that the BGA is placed accurately onto the solder pads. the diameter of the solder ball is 1mm. could it self align during reflow?

reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 09:29:49 EDT 2001 | steven

when taking a reflow profile, can i attach the thermalcouple to the component body (using high temp tape) instead of to the leads (often found thermal couple dettached during reflow). in general, what is the temp diff between these 2 locatinos. if so

bridging between 2 pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 07:31:20 EST 2001 | steven

what is ideal or minimun spacing in between 2 pads to avoid bridging? thanks

bridging between 2 pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 18:37:27 EST 2001 | steven

sometime hand solder can cause also. no necessary have to be paste n reflow.:) now i'm facing bridging on 0402 components pads. any suggestions on spacing distance as we're going to re-design the pcb.

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 10:25:43 EST 2001 | steven

is it all right to reflow a BGA using a rework station but without applying a layer of solder paste on pcb. the diameter of the solder ball is 0.75 and the pitch is 1.5mm.

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 10:44:26 EST 2003 | steven

If I were Cookson, I would have to question why the people I was paying big bucks to run my company for the past several years, would buy my company and suddenly reduce everything in an upturn?? Shouldn't that have already been done when Cookson

Solder at gold finger

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 20:33:14 EST 2001 | davef

Could you be trying to find: Stevens Products 128 N. Park St E Orange, NJ 07019 973.672.2140 Ross Stevens? Dynamic Technologies (titanium cover w/ silicone jacket, pricey) Stevens makes a U-shaped strip of fiber-material that slips over gold fing

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