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Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 11:54:09 EST 2000 | bphilips

What about motivation? What steps can be taken to insure that the workers take ESD precautions, once they have been trained?

Asymtek vs. Camalot

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 10:27:40 EDT 2005 | CEB

Have you taken a look at PVA, they have very good dispensing systems as well.

Gerber Data Drill Holes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 04:54:18 EST 2006 | Rob

Have you taken the plating thickness into consideration as this will happen after the drilling?

Fillet Tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 11:21:49 EST 2006 | Rob

Sorry, Super Chunks is already taken. http://www.hygro.net/joyprod.htm

SMTA Certification

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 12:08:04 EST 2006 | Jim

Has anybody taken this exam from the SMTA? If so, has it helped with your career? I heard it's pricey.


Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 14:05:43 EST 2012 | cyber_wolf

Juggalo, How could anyone that affiliates themselves with the Insane Clown Posse not be taken seriously when making safety suggestions ?

reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 09:07:56 EDT 2001 | davef

Back-stepping a bit. If a profile is being used to: * Set-up the oven for a new product or trouble-shooting process, the profile should be taken with a solid contact to a solder connection. * Monitoring on-going stable and in-control process that re

Solder wick on Ag/Pd termination

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 07:03:52 EDT 2007 | davef

We're not really sure. Usually when solder leaves the pads and wicks-up a component lead, it means the component lead is much warmer than the pad on the board. This is the direction we would have taken this if we hadn't taken the AgPd / conductive e

How long can you leave paste - update

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 05:46:35 EDT 2007 | chrissieneale

OK - going to set up some measurements so we can see how big this problem is. I've got the following so far... Number of boards pasted per employee per shift Number of hand placed parts per employee per shift Number of people per shift Time pasting

SMT RF shield Dewetting & Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 07:28:14 EDT 2011 | denz34

Hi there, I have questions regarding on SMT RF Shield dewetting & misalignment issue.. Q1) How to identify on good or bad RF shield that could contribute to dewetting? Q2) What counter measure that must be taken when facing dewetting issue? Q3) W

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