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Flason SMT Products

Oct 3, 2018 |

Immersion Silver Issues

Aug 9, 2017 |

Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Nov 9, 2015 | Purpose. This describes setting-up a wave soldering system set-up for a new assembly design or chec

Flux thinning

Feb 16, 2015 | Hello, We are buying a Vitronics-Soltec wave solder machine with a spray fluxer to replace our ol

Black Tar on ENIG

Oct 20, 2014 |

Shorts & Dry Joints

Aug 7, 2012 |

Pad cratering

Jul 23, 2012 |

VOC free flux

Apr 27, 2011 | We are in the process of changing over our wave solder flux from alcohol based no clean to VOC free

Water Washing

Jan 4, 2010 |

flux residue problem

Sep 3, 2009 | I have a customer that is having a flux residue problem after wave soldering. Flux is roaring throu

localization of the temperature sensors on the pcb

Jan 26, 2009 | IPC 7530 - Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow & Wave)

SOT23s and paste + glue

Dec 22, 2008 | We changed paste manufacturers rather recently and are now seeing SOT23s falling off after wave sold

New to SMT Equipment

Sep 18, 2008 |

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Jul 1, 2008 | Have you considered developing your own wave solder super-trooper? * Training course at your equipm

White residues

May 25, 2008 |

Tented Via's

Feb 21, 2008 | KRIKIES! tenting WILL inhibit solder flow through the top-side me lad. In the meantime, me chap,

Larger lands in corners

Jan 10, 2008 |

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Nov 27, 2007 | you say you use the glue to keep the components on during wave, why would you want to solder them tw

What is delta t?

Oct 25, 2007 | Forget all the bickering and semantics. EVERYONE IS RIGHT!! ...but then again, in soldering, there

What is gonna impact boards without silkscreen on quality and mf

Aug 17, 2007 | We usually do Solder reworks, and some components that cannot be installed by SMT Machines or Wave s

SN100C wetting problems

Jul 13, 2007 | Dear all, we are using the lead-free SN100C solder alloy for wave soldering. We are experiencing

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 24, 2006 |

Pcb immersion tin thickness

Aug 7, 2006 | Hi everyone, I am starting to use the lead free process and I had a few wetting problems (solder

Assembl´┐Żon feeders

Jun 14, 2006 | Thanks ;) We even did some product development on that one. We took a normal bar of wave solderin

PIP plus

May 8, 2006 |

Lead Free Dross

Jan 11, 2006 | We have recently started using lead free solder on our wave. The dross accumulates rather quickly. T


Nov 8, 2005 | First, general comments about voiding in wave soldered connections are: * Causes of voids in solder

Cu dissolution PTH

Jul 5, 2005 | Hi All, we are running a process where we are wave soldering the PTH components using SAC305 alloy

Lead-Free SMD repair

May 14, 2005 | I am interested in RoHS "through-hole soldering": We have a problem with solder wetting and fillet

0402's and Gluing.............

Feb 16, 2005 | Well, I have not had a chance to run my experiment yet. I hope to have the wave solder machine to m


Feb 1, 2005 | Indy, I found the same findings as you. The claim is that the solder joint may actually look closer

Coating adhesion problems

Sep 21, 2004 | Cleaning method will depend on the type of flux > that you use in your soldering process. Yes


Sep 15, 2004 |

where be located while embed the thermocouple into PTH hole ?

Sep 14, 2004 | Try: 7530 - Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave)

Ceramic Caps

Feb 24, 2004 |

bulbous joint

Feb 19, 2004 | We're inclined to buy Russ's stuff about peel from the wave. Look here, but shield your eyes first:

Insufficient Wetting to Lands

Nov 24, 2002 | Thanks for your response Dave. I did look at the bare boards after wave solder and they seem to sol

Mother-Daughter boards

Feb 14, 2002 |

Flexible pick & Place

Metcal soldering rework