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Re: PLCC68 Feeder

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 14:20:57 EDT 2000 | PFA

I believe that the standard taping is 44x32

Large Board Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 00:12:42 EDT 2001 | laujh

May I join in this forum also? Does Universal has any new/special platform avaiable in the market to handle board size up to 20" x 32" and thickness 0.300". The current HSP 4796A and GSM1/2 can only handle board size up to 14" x 18" and 18" x 20" r

Ultrasonice Automatic Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 06:45:42 EST 2021 | svijais

Team, Looking for best cost effective option for Automatic Stencil Cleaner (Ultrasonic) for Cleaning the stencils after solder paste printing process. Max size of stencil is 32" X 32".Please suggest.

Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 17:06:36 EDT 2000 | JAX

LarryK, You might want to talk with: Fancort Industries, Booth #2630 31 Fairfield Place West Caldwell, NJ 07006 973-575-0610 www.fancort.com MLCS-1 Manual Lead Conditioning System. It is a bench top, hand operated machine to correct deformed lea

Selective Wave Solder Pallet

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 10:52:23 EDT 2000 | Ron H

Problem: Flux remains on the board in the masked areas after the wave solder process. We use Multicore X32-10m no clean flux. There is no post wave cleaning. While the flux residue is not conductive, it is unsightly and it may interfere with a be

Re: Varistors that leak, political football anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 10:10:48 EDT 2000 | Todd

Donnie In response to your questions; 1. Flux is Multi-core X32-10M 2. Preheaters temperatures can range based on board density. the goal is to get the top side to 100C before wave. 3. Components can't be placed after wave solder, they are surface m

Look what I found - is this stencil printer a known product?

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 10:46:58 EDT 2006 | Steve

I know Mydata has machines that have a 44" X 32" placement area, reflowing something that big is another story. Most reflow ovens I know of have a maximum conveyor width of 20", although Heller ovens can go 23.5" wide. If you're into Vapor Phase sold

Re: Daughter Board Attachment??? Help!

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 10:22:59 EDT 2000 | Wolfgang Busko

Mark: The fact that these daughter boards have to be attached to the TSOP-footprints is what makes the thing difficult cause they will be greater than the original part. One could think that a LCC-design allows for proper routing. But when it comes t

Stencil and board Ultrasonic cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 12:20:16 EST 2006 | cvoyles

Hi Bruno, I am an equipment reseller in business since 1994. I have a Smart Sonic MG3000 ultra sonic stencil cleaner in inventory. It is a stainless steel model with Delta Sonics brand ultra sonic generator. It is the guillotine type that raises a


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