Database Driven Multi Media Work Instructions


March 25, 2019


Tommy Fox


Work instructions are time consuming to generate for engineers, often requiring regeneration from scratch to address very minor changes. They need to be produced in varying levels of detail, with varying guidelines, for multiple stations, operators and lines. Minor component, station or process changes – down to the modification of an individual BOM component – can cause headaches when attempting to maintain consistency across multiple work instructions that are touched by the change.

The solution presented here improves efficiency and saves engineering time by making use of a database driven approach. Manufacturing details, component information, process guidelines, annotations, machine-specific data, and more can be stored in one central database. Any information stored in this single repository can then be modified quickly in one location and automatically propagate seamlessly throughout multiple work instructions. These can be instantly printed out or displayed on screens at appropriately affected stations with the simple click of a button, as opposed to regenerating from scratch, or going in and reviewing many documents to find and update with the change....

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