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September 23, 2019


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X ray parts counter Shipment National Day (October 1) is coming, Seamark ZM needs to transport the machines out before the holiday, it is a busy week! 2019.9.23, we ship one set Online x ray smd parts counter to Taiwan, China for PCBA factory. Taiwan market have purchased a lot of x ray series from Seamark ZM. One set Offline x ray smd parts counter ship to Thailand for PCBA factory. Great tool for save money & Time!-X ray parts counter Shipment This equipment is mainly used for the rapid measurement of the reel type materials used in the SMT industry. It is based on the high industrial 4.0 standard, intelligent modular design, and can be used for 7-17 inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC tide sensitive package. Piece, equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning software, cloud update system. Material types include all Resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal, LED, diode, triode, multi-pin IC, etc...

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Seamark ZM PCB BGA X-ray Inspection system Equipment -14 years experience in SMT field, Our experience will provide good solutions. X-Ray Inspection, BGA reworks tation,Full auto X ray SMD component machine

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