Maintenance and operation of walk-in temperature humidity test chamber


November 17, 2019


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Overview of walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: It also belongs to environmental test equipment, it tests whether the product can resist high temperature, low temperature, humidity, or the physical and chemical changes produced under extreme conditions, the walk-in temperature and humidity chamber volume is large, the product is placed, or a large object can be placed, such as automobile, new energy, television and liquid crystal screen, etc. How to do the routine maintenance of the walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: 1. The wet gauze basically, if there is no special case, s/b usually changed once in 3 months 2. The water channel shall be regularly cleaned, including water cup, water tank, etc., so as to prevent the water from being blocked,affect the humidity test. 3. It is forbidden to test the flammable and explosive products inside working room. 4. Clean the chamber on a regular basis 2. How to operate walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: The operation method is same as standard temperature humidity test chamber,the controller is 7-inch LCD programmable color screen, you only need to setthe temperature point---test time--how many cycles need to be tested, This can be done automatically, and the machine will stop automatically when it is complete. If there is any problem during the operation, the corresponding problem point will be displayed on the machine control screen. Walk-in temperature and humidity chamber is a must equipment for reliability test of Automobile,Aerospace,Electronic parts,etc,the operation and maintenance are easy,it is teh tear down mahcine,Climatest engineers will be dispatched to do on-site support,for instance,we will finish commissioning,train customers how to operate,maintain,welcome to follow our company facebook page:

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