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Rohde & Schwarz SFU Loaded with Options

Rohde & Schwarz SFU Loaded with Options

Rohde & Schwarz SFU Loaded with Options


Rohde & Schwarz SFU Loaded with Options


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Rohde & Schwarz SFU Loaded with Options

Rohde & Schwarz SFU-B1-B2-B3-B4-B5-B6-B10-B11-B15-B30-B31-B90-K1-K4-K15-K20-K21-K22-K23-K30-K32-K35-K37-K40-K41-K42-K43-K55-K60-K80-K190-K191-K192-K193-K194-K199-K221-K222-K354-K356-K363

The R&S SFU is the all-in-one solution for broadcast and mobile TV standards. It has been designed as a platform for various applications and is open for future options. It provides multiple instrument functionality in a cabinet of only four height units and offers unrivaled RF and baseband characteristics.

Due to its modular design, the R&S SFU can be optimally adapted to the requirements of different applications. It is an ideal research and development tool for making improvements to introduced standards and for generating new standard signals. Applications that previously required many different instruments are now fully covered by the R&S SFU . The modern, intuitive concept of the R&S SFU ensures fast and easy operation.


B1 - Extension board 1 coder hardware extension

B2 - Coder Extension 2 RAM module for SFU

B3 - Memory Extension 1 RAM Module

B4 - Memory Extension 2 RAM Module

B5 - Usr/InOut for special applications

B6 - Add. HardDisk min 60 Gbyte

B10 - Extension board 10 coder hardware extension

B11 - ETI Input acc to ETI NI, NA5592, NA5376

B15 - Extension board 15 coder hardware extension

B30 - Fading Simulator (20 Path)

B31 - Fading Simulator Extension to 40 path

B90 - High Output Power

K1 - Coder DVB-T/H COFDM - 5 to 8 MHz

K15 - Custom OFDM

K23 - Video Generator

K190 - Coder ATV standard B/G real time PAL

K191 - Coder ATV standard DK real time PAL/Secam

K192 - Coder ATV standard I real time PAL

K193 - Coder ATV standard MM real time NTSC/PAL

K194 - Coder ATV standard L Secam

K199 - Multi ATV B/G, M/N, D/K, I, L

K20 - TS generator, SDTV test signals

K21 - TS recorder

K22 - TRP Player

K221 - T-DMB/DAB streams stress function

K222 - MediaFLO streams stress function

K30 - Enhanced Fading

K32 - DAB Gaussian Fading

K35 - ARB Generator

K37 - Interferer Management

K354 - DTV Interferers

K356 - Cable Interferers

K363 - Satellite Interferers

K4 - ATSC/8VSB Coder

K40 - AWGN Noise

K41 - Phase Noise

K42 - Impulsive Noise

K43 - Multi Noise Use

K55 - Power Measurements

K60 - BER Measurements

K80 - Extended IQ - base band in/out

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