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Austin American Technology SYS-2722A

Austin American Technology SYS-2722A

Austin American Technology SYS-2722A


Austin American Technology SYS-2722A


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Audio Precision SYS-2722A

Advanced Audio Test System

The Audio Precision’s System SYS-2722 is the newest generation of PC-controlled audio test and measurement instruments. The 2700 series continues to provide the unmatched distortion and noise performance required to test the latest advances in converter technology, while raising the bar with new 192k digital input and output capabilities.

In the SYS-2722 dual-domain architecture provides uncompromised performance for both analog and digital signals: the hardware generator and analyzer specifications surpass those of any digital configuration, while digital analysis techniques offer a wide array of high-speed, precise measurements for either domain. Cross-domain work can be accomplished using the best of both worlds.

When ordering a SYS-2702, 2712 or 2722 (“A” or “G”), you MUST specify (as a separate line item) one of the following low pass filter selections (included in price of instrument)

- S-AES17 Special lowpass filter satisfies AES17 for measurements in the presence of out-of-band noise. Includes 20 kHz and 40 kHz brick wall filters (FLP-B20K and FLP-B40K). This filter requires two filter slots.

- OPT-2020 Pre-analyzer lowpass filter

Available Options:

IMD = Adds IMD generator and analyzer to SYS-2702, SYS-2712, or SYS-2722

W&F = Adds wow and flutter analyzer to SYS-2702, SYS-2712, or SYS-2722

BUR = Adds tone burst, square wave and noise generator to SYS-2702, SYS-2712,

or SYS-2722

EURZ = Changes analog generator source impedance to be 40, 200, or 600 ohms in SYS-2702, SYS-2712, or SYS-2722

2711 = Adds the Dolby Digital Generator option to a new SYS-2722 or SYS-2720, allowing the encoding of stimulus tones in Dolby Digital (AC-3) before digital output. Includes IEC61937 and licensed Dolby Digital encoding software, and proprietary Audio Precision streaming interface (APSI) hardware installed in the instrument. (Not compatible with GPIB systems)

    The unparalleled precision of a dedicated hardware instrument

    Fast instrument operation and powerful analysis under sophisticated control software.

    Programmatic control for high-speed automation.

    Serial digital interface testing.

    Flexible configuration options.

    A family of auxiliary instruments for specialized testing.

    AES3, IEC60958 (SPDIF) and PSIA input and output sample rates at 192 kHz.


Low Distortion

Analog system 1 kHz THD+N, 20 kHz BW < –112 dB

(Typical worst case harmonic < -130dB)

Digital Dist. Spurious Products < -160dB

High Bandwidth

Analog Signal generation to 204 kHz

Analog measurements to 500 kHz

Analysis by FFTs and Multitone analysis to 120 kHz

Low Noise

Analog analyzer 22–22kHz < -118dBu

Analog analyzer A-weighted < -124dBu

Flat Response

Analog system 20–20kHz typically ±0.003dB

Low Crosstalk

Analog input < -140dB

Analog output < -120dB

Low Jitter

700 Hz–100 kHz BW < 600 ps

50 Hz–100 kHz BW < 1.0 ns

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The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

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