Agilent 8921A-600

Agilent 8921A-600

Agilent 8921A-600


Agilent 8921A-600


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Agilent 8921A-600

Cell Site Tester

The Agilent- HP 8921A cell site test set is a highly-portable, integrated solution for the installation and maintenance of AMPS and TACS cell sites. The HP 8921A incorporates more than twenty powerful instruments into a compact, 38-pound package. The integral IBASIC controller in the HP 8921A runs the HP 11807B cell site test software to fully automate base station test and adjustment procedures. Automation combined with accurate measurements increases technician efficiency to speed installation and maintenance procedures.

* AM/FM signal generator
* AM/FM modulation analyzer
* Duplex offset generator
* RF power meter
* RF frequency counter/frequency error meter
* Audio frequency counter and power meter
* AC/DC voltmeter
* SINAD/SNR/distortion meter
* Two variable frequency AF generators
* Digital oscilloscope
* Built-in IBASIC controller
* Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator
* Adjacent channel power meter
* Signaling encoder and decoder
* High-stability timebase
* DC current meter
* HP-IB/RS-232/parallel remote interfaces
* Upgradability to TDMA, CDMA, CDPD, or PCS test capability

* 007 - Low-Power Measurements
* 011 - CCITT Weighting Filter
* 020 - Radio Interference Adapter
* 042 - Ericsson PCM Reference
* 500 - TDMA Cell Site Test System
* 501 - TDMA PCS Cell Site Test System
* 502 - CDPD MDBS Cell Site Test System
* 503 - TDMA/CDPD MDBS Cell Site Test System
* 600 - CDMA Cell Site Test System
* 602 - CDPB MDBS Cell Site Test System
* 603 - CDMA/CDPB MDBS Cell Site Test System
* R40 - 4 MByte memory
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