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Agilent E4404B-A4H-B72-1D5

Agilent E4404B-A4H-B72-1D5

Agilent E4404B-A4H-B72-1D5


Agilent E4404B-A4H-B72-1D5


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Agilent-Keysight E4404B-A4H-B72-1D5

Base Frequency: 9 GHz Max Frequency: 6.7 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 6.7 GHz

The Agilent E4404B / HP E4404B spectrum analyzer operates between the 9 kHz to 6.7 GHz frequency range, offers +/- 1 dB amplitude accuracy, 40 updates /sec measurement speed, 99 dB third order dynamic range, six-slot option card cage for easy upgradeability, split screen, segmented sweep, variable sweep (trace) points from 2 to 8192 points and one-button measurements such as ACP, Occupied BW, Emissions BW, channel power, 10 peaks table and harmonic distortion provide faster and more repeatable results.

Features and Benefits:
Noise Figure Measurement Personality
Remotely view and control the ESA over the Internet
8590-series programming code compatibility
HP 8566/68B programming code compatibility
Modulation analysis measurement personality
Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS and cdmaOne standards compliant measurement personalities
Fault location, phase noise, CATV service measurement personalities
One-millisecond RF sweep time, 45 measurements per second
RMS, peak, neg peak, quasi-peak detectors
0.4 dB overall amplitude accuracy
-167 dBm sensitivity, with internal preamp, +16 dBm TOI
Variable sweep (trace points) from 2 to 8192
Segmented sweep for up to 32 discontinuous spans in one sweep
SCPI programming and IVI COM driver support

060 Reduced emissions
1AX RS232 and Centronics Interface
1D5 High stability frequency reference
1D6 Time-gated spectrum analysis
1D7 50 -75 ohm minimum loss pad(s)
1DN 50 Ohm Tracking generator
1DR Narrow resolution bandwidths
1DS Preamp
AYX Fast time-domain sweep
B7B TV trigger and picture on screen
B7D Digital Signal Processing and fast ADC
BAA FM demodulation
UKB 100 Hz Low Grequency Extension
STD AYX: Fast time-domain sweep BAA: FM demodulatio
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