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On site and online Training and consultancy in electronics manufacture. Wide range of training products which are solder worldwide by IPC, SMTA, SMART Group and others

Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom

Consultant / Service Provider, Events Organizer, Media / Publisher / Online Resource, Training Provider

  • Phone 01245 351502

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Robotic Soldering Success & Low Temperature Assembly & Inspection

Nov 05, 2021 | Robotic Soldering Success & Low Temperature Assembly & Inspection Join Bob at the Virtual SMTA Int Conference for two 3hr workshop as part of SMTA International 2021 he will be presenting an interactive experience:

Online from my desktop to your PC

Your Process Defect Solved with Bob Willis

Apr 05, 2021 | For the first time we are presenting a dedicated solution to process defects. This is a Free event where we answer your most common, assembly, soldering and field failures completely anonymously on Monday 12th April 4.00pm UK Time Book your Free place online now, be quick, limited spaces available

There are many defects, many solutions but often just one root cause

Bob Willis Soldering Workshops Back at IPC APEX

Jan 22, 2021 | It's great to be back at IPC APEX 2021 albeit online to meet and discuss process and production issues with engineers from around the globe. It's been a while, but having presented many education classes and special features at IPC APEX in San Diego, Las Vegas plus Anaheim it's good to have the opportunity to participate online this year

Low Temperature Soldering & Wave Soldering Master Classes

Bob Willis 2021 Online Webinars Launched

Nov 14, 2020 | ​Our webinars for 2021 have now been launched with the first three dates for January, February and March available to book online. In addition our growing library of online archive video recordings are ready to provide support and education world wide from our website Solder Wicking Defects - Benefits, Causes & Cures 11th Jan at 2.30pm UK Time Solder Ball Elimination – In Wave, Selective & Reflow - Webinar 8th Feb at 2.30pm UK Time Dendrite & Corrosion Failure on PCBs – Causes & Cures - Webinar 8th March at 2.30pm UK Time

We can see what others find difficult to spot

Robotic Soldering - How to Benefit

Oct 02, 2020 | Join our FREE Robotic Soldering Webinar on Thursday 8th October at 2.30pm UK Time

Looking deeper into a subject with hands on experience helps our customers

Robotic Soldering Experience with Bob Willis

Sep 01, 2020 | Welcome to Robotic Soldering Experience. This is the first of a series of videos also illustrating defects seen during our soldering work Soldering Defect of the Week

Live robotic soldering plus online training

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1,000,000

Jul 02, 2020 | We offer a wide range of 20 Photo Albums or assembly and soldering images which provide process, quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and websites

Satisfactory & defect images/videos to make your next presentations come alive

Solder Preform World – Not New Technology but Very Interesting Option - Bob Willis Charity Webinar

Jun 02, 2020 | Our webinar is FREE to join but we do ask attendees to consider contributing a small amount to our chosen charities Mind – Better Mental Health Marie Curie – Living with Terminal Illness

Solder Preform examples

Invite Your Customers to FREE Technical Webinars with Bob Willis

Apr 03, 2020 | Soldering, process troubleshooting, PCB failures the list of topics are endless. We present an independent technical webinar online and you invite your customers and support team to a different learning experience with Bob

Information with Answers and Solutions

Charity Webinar on Void Formation in Solder Joints - Causes & Cures FREE

Apr 01, 2020 | We are running a Charity Webinar with two of the industry's leading magazines Circuits Assembly & Global SMT & Packaging magazine to help support engineers worldwide

Voids we never had before

FREE Defect Guides and Soldering eBooks by Bob Willis

Feb 11, 2020 | Providing process information and solving process defects is what I have been doing for many years with different organisations. In addition we have in the past created reports on 0201 assembly and testing of PCB surface finishes for lead-free assembly

Book produced by Bob Willis

Low Temperature Soldering Workshops and Training Materials

Sep 03, 2019 | With the growing interest in the use of low temperature soldering and the use of solder paste in rework we have created the first training resources available to downoad at Training materials for use in your own onsite workshops or tailor made onsite hands on sessions. The training material feature training wall charts and a photo album of images to use in PowerPoint, reports or on websites

Images from our photo store for your next training session

Your Place or Mine for World Class Education

Aug 14, 2019 | Here are our up and coming online webinars, the second best in the business world wide, Cleaning, Failure Analysis, Low Temperature Soldering and QFNs. Have all of your questions answered during one of our monthly sessions

Bob Willis

Do Solder Voids Matter - Defect of the Month

Jun 16, 2019 | Bob Willis Defect of the Month explains solder joint voids and are they an issue to everyone? Bobs webinar guide to voids in solder joints and how to overcome them in manufacture is available online and covers all of the different voids and solutions from his archives see

Defect of the Month online or in Circuits Assembly

New Bob Willis Book Reviews

Jun 10, 2019 | Two new books this month, hopefully there is something that will have you visiting your book shop or online service soon for FREE X-ray inspection or LED technology

Our Defect of the Month Video

Jun 10, 2019 | Defect of the Month video features de-soldering boards with conformal coating and what to look out for during assembly

Harsh Environment Failure – Causes & Cures FREE SMTA Europe Webinar

Mar 11, 2019 | Monday 25th March 2.30pm UK Time Register online at Join Keith Bryant & Bob Willis to find out more about the demands on Electronics in Harsh Environments as they showcase what are the issues faced by design and process engineers worldwide

Defect of the Month Videos

Feb 15, 2019 | We have been creating Defect of the Month videos for many years and now offer Defect of the Month Live at Exhibitions worldwide. Its a great way of providing customers support at trade shows and via suppliers websites see

Defect of the Month for your Customers Live

New Book Reviews for Electronic Assembly

Feb 15, 2019 | Three new books this month, hopefully there is something that will have you visiting the book shop or online service soon watch the review online at

Its a hard life reading new books

NPL New 2019 Webinars are Launched

Nov 20, 2018 | The Electronics Interconnection Group’s webinars are now in their 8th year. The Group is internationally recognised for its practical and innovative work on lead-free reliability, PCB interconnection failures, tin whisker migration and conformal coating research

Soldering & Assembly Webinars for 2019 Anounced

Oct 23, 2018 | More focused webinars than any other online provider for the electronics industry. If you have a specific topic you would like us to present online let us know so we can support your team with process solutions

Soldering and other process solutions online

Manual Cleaning A Step by Step Guide Online

Aug 23, 2018 | For the first time a dedicated online training session on manual cleaning. Practical advice and demonstrations of different ways of cleaning PCBs and the possible failure modes at

Cleaning defects happen through poor planning

Cleaning, Contamination Testing & Defects Photo Album

Aug 23, 2018 | Our cleaning and contamination photo album has been updated with more video clips to make your training session come alive and available as a download from our website

Copper dendrites seen on unit failure

Solder Squeeze Out on Underfilled Boards - Defect of the Month

Jul 03, 2018 | Solder migration or Squeeze Out can be seen when solder reflows on packages which are underfilled and is feature on the NPL Defect Database and shows you what is happening

Red hot at solving process problems

New Book Reviews from Bob Willis June2018

Jul 03, 2018 | Materials and Processes: for Spacecraft and High Reliability Applications Barrie D Dunn Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart and Perhaps the Singing Bird Will Come Paperback by Brian Ellis & Darrel Staley

More books from my intray

Soldering, Coating, Cleaning and PCB Process Failures from the Desk of Bob Willis

Mar 25, 2018 | The widest selection of online webinars in the industry has added more titles

Process Failures & Solutions

Dendrite Failure – Causes & Cures Webinar

Mar 24, 2018 | Dendrite failure on printed circuit board assemblies is quite common but often not investigated fully to pin point the root cause. This is due to the intermittent nature of the failure or just replacing components seems to solve the problem Book at

X-ray of dendrite failure

Manual Cleaning of Printed Board Assemblies – Step By Step Guide Coming Soon

Oct 23, 2017 | After rework, modification or second stage assembly cleaning may need to be considered. Ideally a no clean flux, gel or solder paste should be used to avoid the need to clean selected areas. If manual cleaning is to be conducted every effort should be made to use materials or application methods that result in the minimum residues from the soldering process Planning and training staff in manual cleaning is very important to get the best possible result visually and to maintain product reliability. This is one of the first training sessions to cover manual cleaning of board assemblies, highlighting the problems and solutions to manual cleaning To ensure you are equipped to get maximum benefit from the event, read our Webinar Guide

Manual cleaning, Don't Do It without training

New Online Webinars from the Desk of Bob Willis

Oct 23, 2017 | Selected Bob Willis webinars are released for the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Book online to secure your place or for your team training. If the date or time does not suit your schedule its also possible to arrange online training at a time and date that is better for you

Solve your process issues online with Bob Willis

Guide to QFN/LGA & BTC Process Defects Guide & FREE webinar from Bob Willis

Sep 03, 2017 | Our latest Process Defect Photo Guide entitled “Guide to QFN/LGA & BTC Process Defects” will be released on 16th October. This optical and x-ray guide covers the most common components, assembly process and reliability failures that may occur using these parts

QFN Process Defect Guide to Download FREE

PowerPoint presentations on Conventional & SMT Assembly to Download at

Jul 28, 2017 | If you are using PowerPoint for training or sales presentations and need to illustrate the conventional and surface mount assembly process stages but don’t have the time to create it we have a new material for you

PCB Assembly animation

Cleaning & Contamination Defects Photo CD-ROM

May 21, 2017 | Cleaning printed circuit boards has become more popular again due to the complexity of many board assemblies and coupled with the use of conformal coating. Products are often exposed to environments that often result in failures if bare boards or assemblies are no cleaned see

Bob Willis Examples of cleaning failure

Plan your engineering process improvement with a monthly online webinar

Apr 13, 2017 | Solderability Benchmarking, Failures & Testing Methods 14th August All our webinars are based on 2.30pm UK time go to Benchmarking you PCB surface finish or the impact of baking boards or components can be simple in production and the laboratoy. Long term solderability of component terminations and printed circuit boards is fundamental in modern assembly processes. This is all practical experience not just theory for the presenters countless studies in industry

Process support when and where you need it!

Surface Mount Assembly & Defect Photo CD

Mar 22, 2017 | We offer a wide range of Photo CD-ROMs which provide process, quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and websites see

SMT Process Defects to Use Online or Onsite

Lead Free & Tin/Lead Wave Soldering Defect Guide to Download

Mar 08, 2017 | Bob Willis has created many training videos and interactive CD-ROM over his many years working in industry. Based on over 30 years running training courses on wave soldering for process, quality engineers and operators on Electrovert, Blundell, Vitronics, SEHO and many other systems. Our Guide to Wave Soldering & Process Defects is now available as a download file for quicker delivery to your company from

Interactive defect guide with countless defects and causes

0201, 01005 & Smaller Soldering, Assembly & Defect Photo CD

Mar 06, 2017 | We offer a wide range of Photo CD-ROMs which provide process, quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and websites see

Its uncommon for 0201 and 01005 chips to lift!!

Archive Webinar Recordings on Soldering, PCB Assembly & Inspection

Mar 06, 2017 | Many of the webinars we present every month are available from our online archive. The video recordings and a copy of the slides can be provided for you or why not organise an education session with members of your team in a conference room so you can also discuss the subject after the session to implement your process improvements

Online webinars for education and process support are a simple and cost effective way to improved yields

Hands on Master Class Series from Bob Willis

Mar 06, 2017 | For over 30 years we have been offering hands-On and theory workshops in all aspect of electronic assembly. From practical skills like manual soldering, component handling plus wiring and assembly to the most advanced area array, flip chip and laser soldering technology

Hands on training from an engineer that Walks the Talk

SMT and Conventional Photo CD ROM

Feb 20, 2017 | Images to include in training and presentations which are royaly free. Photos from one of the larges collection in the industry

Photos for your presentation or training material to download

Join Assembly Soldering Inspection Defects LinkedIn Group

Feb 11, 2017 | As a process engineer with over 30 years of running my own business. Running practical training courses worldwide. With experience in assembly, environmental testing, PCB manufacture and of course process defects. I love from a technical point of view seeing new defects and finding ways of illustrating the real cause and help people eliminate the defect once and for all. Join our Linkedin Group on Soldering & Assembly Defects

Cleaning or soldering defects we have the solutions

Solder Ball Elimination – In Wave, Selective & Reflow Webinar

Feb 05, 2017 | Solder balls and solder beading have been a process issue for many years and they may not cause product failure or quality problems but they are not desirable. Solder balls are caused by a variety of factors in different processes and should be resolved to eliminate a poorly defined process or a process and materials which are out of control With over 40 years in industry and 30 solving process problems for industry Bob Willis explains the causes and curses for solder balls. Bob’s webinar features many unique process video clips on testing and failures and make his sessions come alive providing a much better understanding of the root cause of failure and corrective action. For further details go to

I see no solder balls and neither will you!!!

PCB Surface Finish Defect Guide & Conformal Coating & Cleaning Defect Guide 2 launched FREE by SMART Group

Feb 04, 2017 | The next SMART Defect Guide is in production and is entitled “Printed Circuit Solderable Finish Defect Guide” and will be released in February/March. This relates to different surface coating on PCB and the common process and assembly failures that may occur. It shows issues at good receipt and the typical assembly related problems

Gold over Nickel Failure on PCB Assembly

Lead-Free Photo Album to Speed Up Creating Your Training

Jan 24, 2017 | This CD-ROM provides the process or quality engineer with a source of photographs of over 350 process examples which may be used in company inspection document or presentations. The photographs can also be used in marketing and advertising material or in technical articles see

All the photos you need royalty free to brighten up you PowerPoint files

“Defect of the Month” videos online 24/7 with Bob Willis

Jan 21, 2017 | Welcome to this Bob Willis “Defect of the Month” video This month we cover Poor Hole Fill on PCBs during Soldering

More defects, we help your engineering team solve problems 24/7

PCB Book Reviews on Materials and Connectors

Jan 21, 2017 | Bob Willis reviews recently released reference books for electronics manufacturing that can help make an engineer's life easier and add to your in-house library. New books include “Trilogy of Connectors” from Wurth and “Materials for Advanced Packaging” from Springer. We do NOT sell books just review what is new and we feel interesting for engineers. Contact Bob or visit his web site

Technical Book Reviews on line for engineers

Pin In Hole, Pin in Paste or Selective Reflow CD from Bob Willis

Jan 18, 2017 | This photo CD ROM provides the process or quality engineer with a source of PIHR photographs of the assembly process, components and process defects which may be used in company inspection document or training presentations. They may be simply pasted into any document for in house company use. Now over 250 photographs are provided in either jpg or tif file format for use in PowerPoint, Word inspection standards or online publications royalty free

From the author of the first training video, text book and CD ROM on PIHR

Solder Paste & Stencil Printing Defect Examples Available Royalty FREE

Jan 09, 2017 | The solder paste and stencil printing photo CD-ROM album featuring over 300 colour images on BGA, materials, inspection and defects and is available to allow engineers to create their own training material, PowerPoint files, process documents, technical articles and standards. The images can be downloaded or provided on CD ROM

Solder Paste Print Defects Royalty FREE

More BGA Defect Examples Available Royalty FREE

Jan 05, 2017 | BGA Inspection & Defect Photo Album (Can be downloaded) The photo CD-ROM album featuring over 280 colour images on BGA, materials, inspection and defects and is available to allow engineers to create their own training material, PowerPoint files, process documents, technical articles and standards. The disk includes examples of the following:

All the BGA images you need to download

QFN LGA Photos for your Training Courses

Dec 29, 2016 | One of the largest selection of QFN LGA images of solder joints and defects in the industry to use in your presentations to download online or on CD ROM

Download images or on CD-ROM

Conformal Coating Defect Images for Presentations

Dec 29, 2016 | Conformal Coating Photo Album CD-ROM The photo CD-ROM album featuring over 280 colour images on conformal coating, materials, inspection and defects and is available to allow engineers to create their own training material, PowerPoint files, process documents and standards. The photo CD covers many of the defects listed:

Download or on CD-ROM

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