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Inovaxe Unveils New Smart Storage Technologies at APEX

Dec 21, 2021

Inovaxe will exhibit in Booth #933 during the 2022 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 25-27, 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. The Inovaxe team plans to showcase the award-winning InoAuto Smart Storage Platform alongside a number of exciting new products and technologies, including an InoAuto Mobile Device, a wireless mesh network, and the all new SR700-FLEX for configuration-less storage.

The Inovaxe team will demonstrate the complete Smart Storage Platform, with MODI’s Incoming Goods Scanner at receiving, stationary SREX racks for stockroom storage, mobile IA and SR units, along with InoBar for flexible storage in any setting.

For the first time at the IPC APEX EXPO, the company will demonstrate the new InoAuto Mobile device: an Android scanner with a custom-built InoAuto app. With this device users can move throughout their facility with InoAuto in their hands.

Inovaxe will be using its new wireless communications between carts with a low-power mesh network allowing the Smart Carts and Racks to bypass excess networking requirements. It lessens the requirement for additional controllers and is perfectly paired with InoAuto Mobile for maximum flexibility.

Additionally, Inovaxe will unveil the all new SR700-FLEX Smart Rack with configuration-less storage for the first time at the IPC APEX EXPO. The new FLEX storage trays allow users to store reels of any width without the need for custom configurations. Based on the same Smart Rack platform, the SR700-FLEX provides stores up to 644 8mm reels in less than 2.5 square feet, has sensors and LEDs to pick and put-away parts in seconds, and can be added into any existing installation.

The IPC APEX EXPO also will see the release of the new SREX-IB, a high-density storage rack that utilizes InoBar technology to quickly locate reels and other packages for high-volume applications. SREX-IB is ideal for storing large quantities of reels, trays, bagged parts, PCBs, feeders, boxes, and more, in a cost-effective and easy-to-use way. Store multiple identical packages in smart locations with one or two part numbers per row, press a switch to add or remove parts as needed, and use Inovaxe’s Min/Max Reports to manage inventory levels. SREX-IB operates with Inovaxe’s InoAuto software and is fully compatible with existing InoAuto storage systems.

The Inovaxe team will also demonstrate their established IA, SR, and SREX product lines, along with the MODI Incoming Goods Scanner. The SREX platform will be utilized as stationary storage like in a stockroom, with mobile IA and SR units used for parts delivery, feeder setup, and more. For automating receiving operations, the MODI Incoming Goods Scanner will be paired with Inovaxe Smart Racks to demonstrate an intelligent receiving process. With MODI you can automatically: identify and decode manufacturer labels, generate and print labels including UID, validate receipts against purchase orders, receive directly into ERP, and more.

Combined with Inovaxe’s easy-to-use InoAuto software, Inovaxe standalone racks can streamline SMT operations, reducing line down occurrences and eliminating operator errors. With various integration options, Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions can help close the loop between systems, automate data-entry and eliminate the black hole of WIP.

For more information about how Inovaxe’s innovative material handling systems and services can improve your inventory accuracy and reduce your labor costs, visit

Inovaxe Corporation is focused on delivering innovative ultra-lean SMART production and inventory management solutions to the electronics industry. The Company’s product offering includes mobile InoAuto Smart carts (IA series), Smart racks (SR series), and Smart stationary racks (SREX series) to store SMT reels, tubes, trays, cut tape and loose parts.  We provide a Smart MSD cabinet (IMSD) for moisture sensitive device storage and a Smart stencil rack storage solution (SRS series).  We offer our InoAuto software for managing smart carts and inventory. For more information and a demonstration of Inovaxe product offerings, visit

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