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Mobile soldering fume extraction unit of the next generation

Nov 27, 2019

LRA 160.1 - mobile soldering fume extractor

LRA 160.1 - mobile soldering fume extractor

ULT AG recently introduced the mobile soldering fume extraction unit LRA 160.1 for small and medium air pollutant quantities. The air cleaning solution has been transferred into the design of the new system generation ULT 160.1.

In addition to an improved device handling, users benefit through high filtration rates, extremely low-noise operation and an optimized price-performance-ratio.

The mobile, robust and compact system design enables for flexible utilization at changing workplaces.  Additionally, the LRA 160.1 unit is ready to be connected to external soldering systems via a D-Sub interface for automated operations.

The easy-to-use system provides standard installation opportunities for either one extraction arm (e.g. system Alsident) or two hoses of 50 mm diameter.

During soldering processes, large parts of the flux agent and a small portion of the solder will evaporate. The emerging aerosols and particles could be released into ambient air. These airborne pollutants can lead to serious medical conditions. Particularly dangerous substances are aldehydes, which emerge from materials containing colophony; some of them may be carcinogenic.

In addition, gases are released from coatings, adhesives or substrates during heating of the assembly. These gases also transport sticky aerosols, which build up in the soldering machines or on the products and contaminate them.

ULT’s fume extraction systems help to eliminate such airborne pollutants. The units remove the finest of particles and emissions during manual soldering tasks as well as in automated and semi-automated production processes.

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