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Samsung SMT spare parts for CP40/CP45

Samsung SMT spare parts for CP40/CP45

Samsung SMT spare parts for CP40/CP45


Samsung SMT spare parts for CP40/CP45


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1.CP40 board :

VME motherboard , ADDA board , Conveyor I / F board , Feeder I / F board , Head I / F board , H1/H2/H3 axis control card , I / O boards, etc. ; vacuum generator, filter, filter cotton , ANC cylinder, solenoid valve, etc. ; X -axis motor , Y -axis motor , Z axis drive , Z axis motor and the like; various nozzle (NOZZLE).


VME motherboard , Mark3 Vision board , H1/H2/H3 axis control board , Can Master I / O board , Conveyor I / F board , Head I / F board , flight camera ( a new 25mm ), 15mm flight cameras, fixed camera (35mm) with a card , Feeder I / F board , flying camera outer LED Board, Z -axis data line , Z -axis power lines , ANC cylinder, solenoid valve , valve head , a vacuum generator , fiber optic cable , HOLDER, Z shaft , spiral reflective microscope, X- axis motor (Q -type ), X -axis motor (PY ​​type ), Z -axis motors.

3.CP Series feeder : 8 * 2MM, 8 * 4MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM, 44mm, 56mm CP vibrating feeder ; IC tray has a large number of feeder parts binder cover , reel , inside cover . the outer cover , beak , springs , Pin like.

4.SM Series feeder : (320/321 FEEDER) 8 * 2 MM, 8 * 4 MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM, 44mm, 56mm SM321 vibration feeder ; IC trays

5 Samsung nozzle :.. CN030, CN040, CN065, CN140, CN220, CN400 CN750, CN110 correct nozzle ( original new )

Samsung nozzle :.... TN040 TN065 TN140 TN220 TN750

CP45/CP40 Z axis ( nozzle lever ) CP45/CP40 HOLDER ( nozzle head lever ), SM Z axis ( nozzle lever ), SM HOLDER ( nozzle head lever ), CP45 stations cylinder ( feeder cylinder ) CP45 ANC mouthpiece cylinder BDAS6X5, BDAS6X15 ( side light cylinder ), CP45 baffle cylinder , CP40 baffle cylinder , SM solenoid valve (VA01PEP34A-1U), CP45 solenoid valve (SY3140R-5LOZ), MARK camera (XC-ST50), CP45FV NEO fixed camera , CP45 flight camera ( new 6 ) cp40lv + fixed camera ( 1 set ) , while there are plenty of CP45/CP40 tanks chain wholesale SM filter cotton . CP filter cotton , CP45/CP40 fiber optic cable ( cable ) , there are a lot of belts, . lenses, spiral , filters, maintenance of oil (THK), 6 second-hand Samsung SMT machines for sale ;

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