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NPI Project Engineer

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March 16, 2011

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Engineering Production Quality Control Research and Development


, Pennsylvania, USA

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Summary of Qualifications:


  • Quote preparation for RFQ projects.
  • Exposure to IPC A 610 and IPC A 600.
  • Knowledge of Potential Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA), Process control plan (PCP) for new products, based on the Critical to Quality (CTQs).
  • Knowledge in handling ERP system-Navision
  • Knowledge in C, Microcontroller AT89c51ED2 and, ALP 8085 and 8086.
  • Proficient in using OrCAD Capture Schematic design and, familiar with PCB layout tools such as Layout plus and Allegro.
  • Component Selection and Bill of Material preparation.
  • Testing of Mobile Applications.
  • Have understanding of Lean Manufacturing concepts.
  • Able to direct and coordinate manufacturing of prototype product and problem solution to ongoing manufacturing product.
  • Proficient in developing and interpreting technical engineering drawings and documents.
  • Have outstanding organizational, scheduling, coordination and problem solving skill.
  • Skillful to delegate tasks clearly and concisely to team members in multiple department


2008 - 2010

SFO Technologies (NeST Group Company), India NPI Project Engineer

  • Worked on RFQ's and Gain new projects.
  • Provided project management, engineering support, critical assessment, project and design proposal, manufacturing cost and estimation.
  • Successfully directed, coordinated and transferred consumer, medical and industrial prototype projects for customers from around the world, to the manufacturing phases.
  • Recommended corrective actions to the design engineers during product enhancement regarding design improvements to minimize manufacturing time and cost, and increase yield.
  • Maintained and validated product assembly during the manufacturing phase.
  • Developed engineering documents for the assembly, and inspection checklist for manufacturing phase.
  • Create or modify Engineering Change Notifications (ECN).
  • Giving technical clearance for the First article Inspection parts and components.
  • Evaluated electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical components, Cable assemblies, Connectors and PCBA.
  • Scheduled project timeline, monitored progress and delivery as per quality, time & budgetary norms.


SFO Technologies,Research & Development Center ,India Hardware Design Engineer

  • Perform the Component selection, Bill of Material preparation and Schematic Design.
  • Prepared Techno-Commercial Proposals and documentations.
  • Developed firmware for 89C51ED2 for SPI interface using Embedded C.
  • Accomplish the Testing and Trouble Shooting of PCBA.
  • Feasibility studies of projects for reverse engineering and prepared flow charts and technical reports.


Government Engineering College Painavu Guest Lecturer

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