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Ersa HR 600/3P High-percision Hybrid Rework System

Ersa HR 600/3P High-percision Hybrid Rework System

Ersa HR 600/3P High-percision Hybrid Rework System


Ersa HR 600/3P High-percision Hybrid Rework System


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Ersa HR 600/3P High-percision Hybrid Rework System Description:

 Ersa HR 600/3P – high-precision, automatic assembly and rework of fine pitch and chip components.

The Ersa HR 600/3P Hybrid Rework System performs automated assembly repair with the highest accuracy. With this system, all component shapes on modern assemblies can be repaired reliably. The system is particularly suitable for very fine components (pitch 0.3 mm and finer) as well as chip components of the designs 0402, 0201 and 01005.

As with the HR 600/2, all process steps are automated. The accuracy of the axis system and of the component nozzles has been further increased, and the 5 megapixel camera systems also provide the necessary resolution. Components are placed automatically; the integrated image processing software evaluates image data from the cameras. The exact component position is calculated automatically and the component is placed using a vacuum gripper and axis system. The device works with highly dynamic infrared heating elements in the bottom radiator for homogeneous heating of the assembly. The hybrid heating head combines infrared radiation and convection heating for targeted and efficient component heating. The optional chip kit with precision nozzles and a manual belt feeder that can be retrofitted is suitable for processing chip components. The system is prepared to accommodate an Ersa Dip & Print frame. Component printing with solder paste is carried out externally at the Ersa Dip & Print Station. The dip-in of a component into a flux depot is carried out fully automatically.

A powerful reflow process camera with LED illumination is optionally available for process monitoring and documentation. The HRSoft 2 operating software (for WindowsTM) accompanies the user through all work processes and documents them. HRSoft 2 is prepared for connection to customer MES systems.


  • High-precision axis system (X, Y, Z) and high-resolution cameras
  • Automated component placement as well as soldering and desoldering processes
  • Hybrid heating head with two heating zones
  • Large-area, powerful IR bottom heater in three zones
  • Non-contact temperature measurement with digital sensor
  • Three K-type thermocouple inputs for Accu-TC sensor
  • Effective component cooling with compressed air

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