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Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets for MSDs

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SMT Industrial Supply specializes in humidity controlled storage solutions for moisture sensitive items. Products include: Dry Cabinets, Ultra Low Humidity Cabinets, Baking Dry Cabinets, Desiccators.

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

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Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets for MSDs

Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets for MSDs


Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets for MSDs


Board Handling - Storage

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SMT Industrial Supply, Inc


Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets for MSDs Description:

The Dr.Storage T40W are plug and play, fully auto dry cabinets which can bake at a stable 40℃ and maintain a consistent <5%RH. Specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages, T40W Baking Dry Cabinets comply with J-STD-033.

The T40W Baking Cabinets Series has a double wall design to ensure it maintains a stable <5%RH and 40℃ environment. This speeds up the evaporation rate of moisture from the components and RESETS their FLOOR LIFE.

According to J-STD-033B, using a T40W Series Baking Cabinet you are able to reset the floor life of a component. The T40W Series is also able to prevent destruction and oxidation of components from heating. Compared to traditional high temperature ovens, baking dry cabinets have become the mainstream equipment used in the component baking process. When the heating function is turned off, the baking dry cabinet becomes a standard dry cabinet with ultra-low humidity. Moisture will not re-enter the component and it can be stored in the cabinet indefinitely.

Standard Features:

  • Flash and buzz alarm
  • Calibration reminding
  • PPS heat resistant material
  • RS232 port
  • Humidity Manager software

Dr.Storage T40W Baking Dry Cabinets Models

Model T40W-1200-6 T40W-600 T40W-480 T40W-240
Product Image
Temperature & Humidity range 40℃, <5%RH
Precision ±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃
Recovery time
(Open door 30 secs)
Open door 30 seconds and close, 10 mins recovery time to <10%RH, 30 mins recovery time to <5%RH
Voltage 110V/230V
External dimensions (mm) W1200*D770*H1805 W600*D770*H1805 W600*D810*H1380 W600*D810*H680
Internal dimensions (mm) W1140*D490*H1450 W510*D490*H1450 W510*D530*H1025 W510*D530*H420
Shelf dimensions (mm) W1080*D460*H20 W480*D460*H20 W480*D510*H20 W480*D510*H20
Capacity 805L 360L 275L 115L
No. of Shelf 5 5 3 2
Power consumption Ave. 395Wh
Max. 955W
Ave. 225Wh
Max. 505W
Ave. 225Wh
Max. 505W
Ave. 165Wh
Max. 355W

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