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INOCART Electronic Component Storage System

INOCART Electronic Component Storage System

INOCART Electronic Component Storage System


INOCART Electronic Component Storage System


Board Handling - Storage

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Inovaxe Corporation

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Inovaxe Corporation

Inovaxe is focused on developing state-of-the-art Inovative Material Handling Solutions (MHS) for Low-Volume/High-Mix Manufacturing.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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INOCART Electronic Component Storage System Description:

INOCART is an electronic component material handling solution that allows each package type to be stored in a secure controlled manner, whether that be: reels, tubes, waffle trays, mechanical devises or even small printed circuit boards.

The award winning Inocart is the most innovative advanced lean mobile material handling solution available. The Inocarts are unique storage systems for components based on single package per single location concept. The carts are capable of being located wherever material is needed throughout the production plant. The carts are designed to organize your inventory into a smaller foot print while reducing the material handling costs and number of packages needed per part number.

  • INOCART-1BAY holds up to 686 packages, front/rear dual accordion doors, footprint: 5'-6.5"H x 2'-8"W x 3'-3"D
  • INOCART-2BAY holds up to 791 packages, footprint: 5'-3.5"H x 3'-4"W x 2'-8"D.

Paired with Inovision software the Inocart material handling system is a unique total package. Inovision is Web-enabled and Silverlight-powered software application that uses secure VeriSign SSL encryption to protect your data transmissions. Inovision Basic provides numerous benefits to users that help solve industry issues such as improving inventory accuracy, reducing partial packages, reducing machine setup time, improving WIP visibility/accuracy, managing regulatory compliance (RoHS), reducing part locating time and reducing kitting times. Please, see Inovision offering for more information.

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