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XCX-JL08P-A SMT Automatic Splice Machine

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XCX-JL08P-A SMT Automatic Splice Machine Description:

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SMT Automatic Splice Machine

XCX-JL08P-A  SMT Automatic Splice Machine

 For the same item of the two rolls, the blank of material head and tail be detected automatically and cutting precisely, automatic docking, automatica double-sided paste with special splice tape,automatical receiving material,Mechanization replaces labor, innovation of the traditional manual process to achieve the automated production.    
Automated operation, differences of the quality caused by different operators' experience will not occur, reducing stop running time of the machine, splice working  takes 30 seconds, now it takes 8 seconds. specifically for fast replaceing with non-stop in SMT automatic production line.Easy operation,  improve splice speed substantially, economize on manpower, improve production efficiency. 

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