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BEST IPC-7711 training kit

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BEST IPC-7711 training kit Description:

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IPC 7711 7721 Certification

This kit is designed for training purposes and for certification/re-certification of IPC-7711 operators or instructors. It is ideal for use in these classes plus when a more advanced employee needs to be solder tested for speed, accuracy and quality. 

BEST IPC-7711 training kits feature REAL circuit boards that represent actual soldering conditions. These training kits feature ".062 thick multilayer boards which are more representative of the thermal conditions of "real" circuit boards. They are NOT the ultra thin, non-realistic boards other vendors are selling. We developed this board to be represent realistic soldering conditions.

The board in this IPC-7711 training kit features immersion gold over an electroless nickel finish. This training kit includes the following components:


(1)    PWB Mixed Technologies bar board, 0.062” thick, nickel gold finish

(10)    ¼ Watt through hole resistors

(5)    CK05 through hole box capacitors

(5)    CK06 Stanoffs

(3)    T05 transistors

(5)    DIP 16

(10)   1206 SMT resistors

(10)   0603 SMT resistors

(10)   0805 MELF

(10)   SOT 23

(5)     SOIC 14

(3)     LQFP 120

(4)     QFP 80

(5)     PLCC 44

*Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be shipped*

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