Volume 1, Issue No. 3 Wednesday, August 18, 1999
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Book Review
A Comprehensive Guide to the Design and Manufacture of Printed Board Assemblies Vol. 1 & 2 - edited by William Macleod Ross
by Brian Ellis
This two-volume work can possibly be considered the definitive work on all aspects from the design through to the finished product, at least for the next several years. The editor has collected the opinions of world experts in each field of activity and each has written a chapter (or sometimes two chapters). Never, in the history of our industry, has so much useful information been collected into one source.

BGA Rework (6 large pages, 48 photos)
by Earl Moon - Proof Of Design (POD)
This article is written to ensure everyone interested in this vital operation more insight into effective, efficient BGA rework operations. Operations personnel use specified and approved repair and rework equipment, tools, procedures, and attendant process management elements to effect and assure quality rework operations. This is done to assure acceptable solder joint and product quality.

Proof Of Design a column by The MoonMan

Installment One:
DFM/CE - What's It All About Anyway?
I want to thank you all for having me in your homes, hovels, gyms, places of worship, massage parlors, other entertainment venues where "quality" literature is enjoyed - or even workplaces this month and, hopefully, months following. Easy to see where this is going. It can go but in one direction. I especially want to thank Cunli and all the folks at SMTnet making it possible for me to affront all your sensibilities and logic concerning what else but design for manufacturing through concurrent engineering (DFM/CE).

What's it all about anyway? So what's the big deal? It's just another self-help or improvement program for the masses, isn't it? For most but about 30%, I'm guessing, of us - it is. I mean, only the minority use DFM/CE and they're mostly people we never hear about anyway. They're the Rockwell's, Hughes Aircraft's, Lockheed's, Boeing's and all those other damn aerospace types who have only been using it for about 50 years. I could go on and say there are about 30,000 sub-contractors contributing to the space shuttle's success, but you already know that. You also know, as complex as that program is, CE runs rampant up and down the food chain (from the first customer/supplier to the last) to make it possible. Talk about contract manufacturing! So what's in it for us?

This column's first installment is little more than an introduction to the definition and tools used to design product that can be manufactured more efficiently and effectively within a process managed organization - or sub-contracted outside it. It all starts at the beginning. It all starts at the design phase while carefully considering all processes following and the impact they will have on a design and visa versa.

What's Happening in the Industry
Sales Manager Anaheim, CA
Manufacturing Process Engineer West Union, SC
Wave Soldering Process Engineer Northern WI
APEX Receives Support from SEMI
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International (SEMI) has announced its support for APEX, IPC SMEMA Council�s Electronics Assembly Process Exhibition and Conference ...
IPC Printed Circuits Expo Answers Attendees Needs
IPC President Dammrich to Leave for NMMA

Upcoming EventsCalendar of Events
Surface Mount Process Course Dorval, Canada August 22-25
HDI Expo� Mesa, Arizona August 23-25

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SMTnet Site News

SMTnet.com Adds Printer Friendly Pages and Page Forwarding
Many SMTneters have noticed that SMTnet's pages do not fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper when printed. The only solution, until now, has been to print the page in landscape mode. This can be annoying since most people use portrait mode as their default printer orientation, and often don't realize they need to change it until they have already wasted several sheets of paper. SMTnet recognizes this problem, and has prepared a solution. Now, pages feature a link to a printer friendly version. This version contains the same contents, but is formatted so that it fits on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper when printed.

Also, SMTnet has added a link that allows a viewer to email a page to a friend. This emailed page appears in the same format as the printer friendly pages.

SMTneters' Corner Launched
The SMTneters' Corner is a new, members only, section of the site. Registered users can visit the SMTneters' Corner to search or browse lists of other registered users. Each user's name links to their SMTneter Profile page, containing their interests, affiliations, employer, geographical location, and other information. Some Profile pages may contain less information than others, since users choose what information appears in their profile.

There is also a top-ten list of contributors to the site, based on postings to the SMT Forum, Admin Corner, and SMT Library.

Becoming a registered SMTneter is free, and can be done here.


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