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Yamaha High Speed Cream Solder Mixer

Yamaha High Speed Cream Solder Mixer

Yamaha High Speed Cream Solder Mixer


Yamaha High Speed Cream Solder Mixer


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High Speed Cream Solder Mixer

(1) This machine main control in part by the microcomputer with the control software to achieve high control precision, speed, anti-interference ability, to ensure the machine's control performance.

(2) This machine displays highlighting imports by two seven-segment digital tube complete, stirring time show clear control panel designed by the company specializes in mold making.

(3) cover a professional support rod cylinder, replacing the traditional mechanical-type rod, mechanical performance is good, no noise, ordered a long, beautiful and generous.

(4) This machine is set to run protection switch, the machine can not open the cover at run time to prevent misuse and ensure operational safety, to ensure the reliability of protection devices, this device is used in switches and electromagnetic components, all imported parts.

(5) The machine used in the superstructure of the hinge-based company specializes in the design and formed an independent open-mold processing, color and tone chassis village, the switch made no noise when the superstructure and the use of an extremely wear-resistant material, to ensure that life .

(6) taking into account the mixer's mixing and stirring of the stationary load, this machine is original Panasonic motor, ensuring the quality of paste mixing.

(7) The machine mechanical portion of all high-quality steel processed, toughness, excellent, not deformed.

(8) The machine bearings used in all of the original Japanese imports, the noise is extremely small, and long life.

(9) The machine equipped with two sets of clamps, which can mix two cans of paste, taking into account the mixing load and minimize the mixing of the paste when the jig tank wear and tear, fixture materials used for the race all the steel, wear and tear is small, light load .

● Power :AC 220V/110V 50-60hz; 60 W
● Rotating speed :
● Revolution :400-1600 RPM ,
● Working capacity:
ith the adapter:500 g×2 cans, 1Kg×2 cans (Fixture in need of replacement)
● Time setting:0~10Mins
● Dimension: 420×410×400mmL×W×H
● Weight:30Kg

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