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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 11 - from
Volume 5, Issue No. 11
Sept 11, 2003

SiR Testing

Pillarhouse USA for Selective Soldering Needs

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Electronics trade group worried by Proposed Import/Export Changes
Sep 07, 2003 Dept of Homeland Security proposed regulations could affect Just In Time manufacturing supply chain and cause delays

Bush acknowledges recent plight of US manufacturers in Labor day address
Sept 07, 2003 Asks Dept. of Commerce to take a look take comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities facing American manufacturers

Fairchild vows lead-free finishes in under one year
Sep 02, 2003 Fairchild Semiconductor has initiated conversion of all products to lead-free (Pb-free) finish packages and expects to be lead-free by June 2004.

Anadigm��� Launches First Dynamically Programmable Analog Chip Priced Below $5
Sep 03, 2003 New AN221E02 Features Full Dynamic Reconfiguration Features, Opens Simple Analog Applications to Platform-Based Solution

Synthetic diamonds driving semiconductor manufacturing to a new level
Sept 09, 2003 Once elusive technology will transform the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries with new power and efficiency for devices

Bacteria-powered battery runs on a sweet tooth
Sep 08, 2003 Sedimentary bacterium can turn simple sugars, found in everything from straw to fruit, directly into electricity

Flextronics' Michael Marks Joins SanDisk Board of Directors
Sep 02, 2003 SanDisk CEO states strategic appointment as "invaluable" to SanDisk in the years to come

IPC Releases IMS/PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio
Sep 11, 2003 Association Connecting Electronics Industries������ announced today the findings from its monthly Interconnect Manufacturing Service

2003 Designers Learning Symposiums Take Shape

Sep 11, 2003 The printed circuit board industry is an ever-changing marketplace. The technologies of today certainly aren���t standing still, and neither should today���s PCB designer

IPC Designers Council���s Certification Program Reaches Milestone
Sep 11, 2003 IPC Designers Council announces that it has now granted more than 2,000 printed circuit board (PCB) designers Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) designation through its PCB Designer Certification Program.

Universal Instruments PTF Unit
Posted by EED

Posted by Equipment Resource

DEK 265GS Screen Printer
Posted by SMT Resource Group, LLC

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters
Posted by Murtuza
I would like to know the optimum speeds this machines can be run at ... if I try to run the machine at a tact time lower than 14S I began to see placement defects.

solderability and hasl thickness
Posted by swagner
Has anyone had negative experiences with hasl thicknesses below .00005'' of an inch on copper?

Manufacturing breakthroughs?
Posted by severs
I was recently approached by a leading industry consultancy group and was asked, ..."if there have been any major advances or developments in the field of electronics production, what are they?"

DoveBid Auction:
Electronic Assembly Exchange #3
September 25, Online

Military Electronics Show
September 16, Baltimore, Maryland

Circuit Board and Layout Issues for EMC Compliance
September 16, United Kingdom

SMTA International
September 21, Chicago, IL

Technical Project Manager
Company: DCSI Consultants
Location: San Jose, CA

Product Reliability Engineering Manager
Company: The Engineering Connection
Location: San Jose, CA

SIPAD Operator
Company: SIPAD Systems Inc.
Location: Alpharetta, GA

SMTA announces new on-line presentation for moisture sensitivity
Sep 11, 2003 Learn about ISO Certification and MSD issues in the comfort of your own office
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