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Laser Solder Reflow: A Process Solution, Part 2

Featured Article

Laser Solder Reflow: A Process Solution, Part II

EFD, Inc

Credit/Source: John Vivari - EFD, Inc. Alex Kasman - LEISTER Technologies LLC

EFD Inc. and Leister USA have collaborated to bust the myth that you cannot perform laser reflow with solder paste. Using Leister diode lasers, EFD has formulated solder pastes that survive the rapid reflow cycle typical of laser heating.


Featured Auction

Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #64


Sale Type: Online Auction

Sale Open: Wed, September 19, 1:00 AM (PDT)

Sale Ends: Thu, September 20, 1:00 PM (PDT)

Location of Assets: Worldwide


Electronics Manufacturing Semiconductor, Test & Measurement and PCB Equipment

Digital oscilloscopes, spectrum, logic and network analyzers, generators, meters, counters, plug-ins, test sets, cards and much more


Featured Software



Rich Larue

FREE Trial Download


ProntoGERBER CONNECTION imports raw Gerber data and allows the user to add intelligent information to the shapes on the display. This smart data is then used directly by the other Unisoft FACTORY software modules or export to standard ASCII file formats for use by other manufacturing systems.


Featured Software

PCB Repair - Plated Through Hole Repair


Bob Wettermann

Best Inc

BEST Instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.

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QFP144 soldering problem

Posted by iv40

I have a big problem with soldering uP QFP144 package.All components in PCB are small, only this chip is big and I can't make good temperature profile...»»

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Posted by aj

Can anyone advise a company that supplies the above mentioned items - I do quite a lot of NPI's and get the exact amount of parts so if I need 100, I get 100 ( 0603's etc)... »»

Omniflow reflow blowers going bad?

Posted by Sr.Tech

We seem to have a lot of blowers going bad on our Omni 10 lately. We run PB free and/or elevated sn/pb profiles on a regular basis. I am starting to suspect... »»

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42nd annual Systems Readiness Technology Conference - IEEE Autotescon

Seminar/Course | IEEE

Mon, September 17, 2007 | Baltimore, MD, USA

Our conference theme, "Transforming Maintenance: Closing The Loop Between Ate & Integrated Diagnostics", will focus on the dynamic changes taking place in the testing and maintenance community... »»

Circuit Board & Layout Issues for EMC Compliance

Seminar/Course | Premier EDA Solutions Ltd

Tue, October 02, 2007 | The Stone House Hotel, UK

A one-day course targeted at practising electronics and PCB designers who want practical advice on how to design for EMC compliance from the start of a project... »»

International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference & Tabletop Exhibition

Exhibition/Conference | SMTA

Mon, September 17, 2007 | Wyndham Hotel, San Jose, CA, USA

The conference will explore cutting edge topics in wafer-level packaging and IC/MEMS/MOEMS packaging including 3D/Stacked/CSP/SiP/SoP and mixed technology packages... »»

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Career Center

SMT Equipment Maintenance Specialist

MACK Technologies Florida, Inc.

West Melbourne, FL, USA

Develop and maintain SMT process equipment through preventative maintenance and procedures for both new and existing production equipment...»»

SMT/Process Manufacturing Engineer

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc.

Brookfield, CT, USA

The successful candidate will provide technical support for manufacturing operations using knowledge of the product, equipment, and methods to improve processes...»»

SMT - Mechanical Technologist

Techhi Consultants

Ontario, Canada

To set-up, operate, calibrate, program, troubleshoot and adjust surface mount and through-hole technologies PWB assembly, soldering and cleaning equipment...»»

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Industry Associations


SMTA - Surface Mount Technology Association is a non-profit international association of companies and individuals (totalling 4,000) involved in all aspects of advanced electronics assembly, surface mount and related technologies. Membership Info

SMTA Certification for SMT Processes and Six Sigma Green Belt


Next Event: September 18, Philadelphia SMTA Vendor Show


IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a US-based trade association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its nearly 2,600 member companies which represent all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed wiring board manufacturing and electronics assembly. Membership Info

Standards & Publications

Online Store

Next Event: September 19-20, Asian Executive Market & Technology Forum Conference

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