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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 8 - from

Equipment Impacts of Lead Free Wave Soldering
The popular tin (Sn) rich lead free solders are causing severe corrosion to many of the materials used in today���s Wave Solder systems. Users are experiencing higher maintenance frequency and reduced life of wave solder machine components. This paper describes the effects of Sn rich solders in contact with various materials and discusses alternate methods to alleviate this problem.

Posted by Peter Carry

Volume 5, Issue No. 8
July 2, 2003

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Electropac Montreal Buys New Equipment
DP-1500-2X Dual-Sided Photoimageable Ink Coater

Siemens Dematic Demonstrates Siplace C-Series
Dates for Private Demonatrations in California

Tin Whisker Joint Meeting Held in Tokyo
NEMI, Soldertec, and JEITA Hold Joint Meeting

U.S. Technology Exports Down 26%
China Largest Supplier of Electronics to U.S.

Nextek Expands Production Operations
Installs New Automated Surface Mount Assembly Equipment

Nepcon to Return to Brighton in 2004
The Decision Follows Positive Feedback and Reports

Radiall Offers New SMT Couplers
Hybrid 3dB Mini SMT Couplers

AIM Announces new Product for SMT Applications
NC254 Lead-Free Pin Probe Testable No-Clean Solder Paste

Finder's 40.11 Series Flatpack PCB Relay
Handles Heavy Currents Onboard

New BGA Test Board
Practical Components PCB012 Global Daisy-Chain Test Board

Rogers Corp. Introduces New Polymer Material
For Multi-layer Thin-Film PCB Construction

Celestica Offers Reference Design for Workstations
ITANIUM��� 2-Based Reference Design

Northrop Grumman Names President
George Black President of Interconnect Technologies

Solectron Appoints EVP of Worldwide Operations
GE Executive Marc Onetto Joins Solectron

High Speed Transmission Line Requirements
Impact on Performance, PCB Layout, Fabrication and Reliability
From CiruiTree

Profiling High-reliability Assembly
Continuous and Automatic Thermal Process Monitoring
From SMT Magazine

The Influence of PCB Parameters
CSP Assembly and Reliability
From Advanced Packaging
Posted by Global Technology Trading, LLC

Quad II-C pick & place machine
Posted by Hi-Tech Sources

Versatronic RV4
Wanted by High Level Services UK Ltd

Wire bonding on gold fingers
Posted by Sr.Tech
We are producing a board with gold fingers that gets wire bonded after the assy. leaves our facility... Does anyone know of any zero residue masking material?

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.
Posted by Cristiano
We are experiencing serious problem with ceramic capacitors. We found some of them with micro cracks but not all. Could the problem be caused by our chip supplier?

OSP Handling
Posted by Tina
What are the handling requirments for PCB's coated with OSP?

Universal Road Show
July 7-18, India

Embedded Systems Expo & Conference
July 9-11, Tokyo

The 14 International Conference on Composite Materials
July 14-18, California

Design Engineer
Company: LM Resources, LLC
Location: Pennsylvania

Process Engineer
Over five years of experence developing semi-conductor, industrial, and electronic packaging applications.
Location: California

Upcoming Events from SMTA
SMTA Calendar of Events

SMTA Certification Programs
Programs for SMT Processes and SMT Systems

IPC/WHMA-A-620 Training and Certification Centers
Training and Certification Centers Up and Running

IPC Releases Three New Documents
Packages Today���s Hot Industry Findings

IPC Annual Meeting Keynote Focus
Avoiding Commoditization in a Competitive Landscape
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